Locate and Review a

Locate and Review a Recent Article on a Mathematical/Computational

Assignment: Locate and Review a Recent Article on a Mathematical/Computational Model (5 points) Scientists and engineers are comping up with new ways of modeling the real world all the time. Locate a recent (no older than 5 years) scholarly peer-reviewed article that deals with the creation and testing of a mathematical or computational model for some real world phenomenon (e.g., waiting in line at the grocery store). Write a short summary of the article in which you answer the following questions: CISC600 Scientific Computing I Page 5 of 10 What problem were the authors trying to solve? In other words, what was going wrong that the mathematical/computational model will help the authors address? How was the model built? What were its parameters and limitations? How was the model tested and evaluated? What were the results and conclusions? What are the logical next steps in the research? Format your submission according to the APA style guide. Remember that all work should be your own original work and assistance received from any source and any references used must be authorized and properly documented.

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