M06HRM Leading, Managing and

M06HRM Leading, Managing and Developing People

M06HRM Leading, Managing and Developing People Assignment Brief Submission Date Friday 25 May 2018 Word Count 2500 words This assignment has been designed to assess the following learning outcomes: LO1 Review and critically evaluate major contemporary research and debates in the fields of human resource management (HRM) and human resource development (HRD). LO2 Evaluate major theories relating to motivation, commitment and engagement at work and how these are put into practice by organisations. LO5 Critically discuss the aims and objectives of the HRM and HRD function in organisations and how these are met in practice. LO6 Assess the contribution made by HRM and HRD specialists in different types of organisation. LO7 Promote professionalism and an ethical approach to HRM and HRD practice in organisations. Reflecting on the presentations from the guest speaker/s, the content of the module and your understanding of the role of HR within your own organisation, or one you are familiar with, you are required to answer the following questions. Identify and critically discuss, what you consider to be the most significant challenge facing HRM/HRD specialists in 2018? (You only need to identify one). (Assesses LO1). 400 words The CIPDs Profession Map identifies 8 behaviours required by HRM/HRD Specialists. Identify and critically discuss, how you apply the Role Model behaviour in your current role? (Assesses LO7)400 words. With reference to the employment life cycle, what contribution does HR make at each stage of the employees journey (employment life cycle) within your organisation or one you are familiar with. When completing this task, please identify which of the HRM/HRD specialists roles are applicable at each stage of the employees journey (i.e. Employee Engagement, Employee Relations, Performance and Reward). (Assesses LO5 and LO6). 1000 words. Use examples from your own organisation to demonstrate how HRM/HRD practitioners and line managers (within your own organisation or one you are familiar with) assist employees in fulfilling each of the 5 stages of Maslows Hierarchy of Needs (1954). (Assesses LO2). 700 words. Assessment Criteria Weighting Understands the challenges facing HRM/HRD Uses specific examples to demonstrate an understanding of the most significant challenge facing HRM/HRD specialists within contemporary organisations. 15% HR Competence and Professionalism Explores how the CIPDs role model behaviour is applied within a work situation. 15% The Contribution of HR Critically assesses the involvement of HR during the employment life cycle and establishes the required specialist input at each stage of the employees journey. 40% Motivation in Practice Critically evaluates each stage of Maslows Hierarchy of Needs (1954) by exploring its practical use and relevance within a contemporary organisation. 25% Presentation Logical structure, attention to detail, minimum grammar & spelling errors and effort to complete a professionally presented assignment 5% How to submit your assessment The assessment must be submitted by 18.00:00 (UK time) on Friday 25th May 2018. No paper copies are required. You can access the submission link through the module web. Your coursework will be given a zero mark if you do not submit a copy through Turnitin. Please take care to ensure that you have fully submitted your work. All work submitted after the submission deadline without a valid and approved reason (see extenuating circumstances below) will be given a mark of zero. Extenuating Circumstances The University wants you to do your best. However, we know that sometimes events happen which mean that you cant submit your coursework by the deadline these events should be beyond your control and not easy to predict. If this happens, you can apply for an extension to your deadline for up to two weeks, or if you need longer, you can apply for a deferral, which takes you to the next assessment period (for example, to the resit period following the main Assessment Boards). You must apply before the deadline. You will find information about the process and what is or is not considered to be an event beyond your control at https://share.coventry.ac.uk/students/Registry/Pages/Deferrals-and-Extension.aspx Students MUST keep a copy and/or an electronic file of their assignment. Checks will be made on your work using anti-plagiarism software and approved plagiarism checking websites. Plagiarism As part of your study you will be involved in carrying out research and using this when writing up your coursework. It is important that you correctly acknowledge someone elses writing, thoughts or ideas and that you do not attempt to pass this off as your own work. Doing so is known as plagiarism. It is not acceptable to copy from another source without acknowledging that it is someone elses writing or thinking.This includes using paraphrasing as well as direct quotations. You are expected to correctly cite and reference the works of others. The Centre for Academic Writing provides documents to help youget this right.If you are unsure, please visitwww.coventry.ac.uk/caw. You can also check your understanding of academic conduct by completing the Good Academic Practice quiz available on Moodle. Moodle includes a plagiarism detection system and assessors are experienced enough to recognise plagiarism when it occurs. Copying another students work, using previous work of your own or copying large sections from a book or the internet are examples of plagiarism and carry serious consequences. Please familiarise yourself withthe CU Harvard Reference Style (on Moodle) and use it correctlyto avoid a case of plagiarism or cheating being brought. Again, if you are unsure, please contact the Centre for Academic Writing, your Academic Personal Tutor or a member of the course team. Return of Marked Work You can expect to have marked work returned to you by Wednesday 4th July 2018. If for any reason there is a delay you will be kept informed. Marks and feedback will be provided online and during class.As always, marks will have been internally moderated only, and will therefore be provisional; your mark will be formally agreed later in the year once the external examiner has completed his / her review.

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