Make a simple PFD of a complete

CHE481-Design Project Fall 2018 1. Make a simple PFD of a complete Methanol to Dimethyl ether (DME), please refer appendix B1. 2. Number the streams and equipment in order 3. Label all the streams and equipment 4. Print the PFD,astream composition listing, aunitops listing. 5. Please use complex heat exchangers, SCDS columns, separators, and a stoichiometric reactor operating adiabatically. 6. Please use valves to reduce pressure and pumps to increase pressure 7. Heat exchangers should be designed using the heat transfer areas in Appendix B1 with heat transfer coefficients, allow the ChemCAD to determine the outlet temperatures. 8. Write a 3-page report describing your approach and assumptions made in the project. Make sure to describe why you used various thermodynamic models, heat transfer coefficients, and reaction rate parameters. Please include units for all the numbers in the texts. 9. Please also include important results.

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