means using another persons intellectual

ASSESSMENT DECLARATION This form must be completed, signed, dated and attached to each assessment task that you submit for marking. FACULTY OF BUSINESS AND LAW 1. ADMINISTRATIVE DETAILS STUDENT NAMES: STUDENT ID NUMBERS UNIT OF STUDY: BCO1102 TITLE OF ASSESSMENT:BCO1102 CASE STUDY PROJECT REPORT DATE DUE: DATE SUBMITTED: TEACHER/TUTORS NAME: TUTORIAL/CLASS TIME: 2. COMPULSORY STUDENT DECLARATION Plagiarism means using another persons intellectual output and presenting it (without appropriate acknowledgement of the author or source) as ones own. Plagiarism constitutes academic misconduct. Where there are reasonable grounds for believing that this has occurred, disciplinary procedures as outlined in the Policy for Academic Honesty and Preventing Plagiarism will be instituted. PLEASE TICK TO INDICATE THAT YOU HAVE SATISFIED THESE REQUIREMENTS- I/we have read the policy on Academic Honesty and Preventing Plagiarism and the relevant referencing guides (or have had this explained to me by my teachers) and understand the consequences of committing academic misconduct as outlined in the policy. This assignment is my/our own work, I/we have not participated in collusion, nor have I/we previously submitted this or a version of it for assessment in any other Unit of Study at the University or any other institution without having obtained the approval of the teacher. I/we have taken proper and reasonable care to prevent this work from being copied by another student. So that the assessor can properly assess my work, I/we give this person permission to act according to University policy and practice to reproduce this work and provide a copy to another member of staff for the purpose of cross checking and moderation and to take steps to authenticate the assessment, including submitting a copy to a checking/detection system that in turn may retain a copy of this work on a database for future checking. I/we have carefully read the assessment criteria that will be used to evaluate my work as given below. ASSESSMENT CRITERIA I/we certify that the statements I/we have attested to above have been made in good faith and are true and correct. I/we also certify that this is my/our work and that I/we have not plagiarized the work of others and not participated in collusion. STUDENT SIGNATURES: ________________________________________________ DATE: ____/____/____ ________________________________________________ DATE: ____/____/____ ________________________________________________ DATE: ____/____/____ Criteria None Minimal Somewhat Acceptable Good Outstanding Consultancy report Executive summary: Clearly describes the system, costs, benefits and recommendations in business language that could be understood by the client 0 2 4 6 8 10 Introduction & industry background: Clearly describes the scenario and the problem facing the business. The introduction provides a brief overview to the report describing what each section will cover. Introduces the system (CRM, CloudsComputing or eCommerce), how it works 0 4 8 12 16 20 Specific System: Reflects understanding of system resulting from high quality research. Clearly explains key concepts relating to the specific system and identifies issues and benefits. Shows understanding of current trends and/or examples of use identified through research 0 4 8 12 16 20 Recommendations: The recommendations demonstrate understanding of concepts, are carefully considered and linked to the scenario. 0 4 8 12 16 20 Implemention: Clearly identifies specific elements of the selected system. People, Risk, Roll-out, Security 0 4 8 12 16 20 Overall presentation: Report uses the template, is well written, professionally presented and of an appropriate length. Appropriate references are cited using the Harvard system and the reference list is formatted correctly 0 2 4 6 8 10 Total out of 100 Subtractions Final mark out of 20 TEAM PEER EVALUATION FORM The team must meet and assign scores to each team member that reflects how each team member contributed to the completion of the business consultancy report. This is an opportunity to reward the members of your team who worked hardest on the teams behalf and it is also an opportunity to fairly reflect the effort of team members who did not perform as well or who did not make sufficient effort to participate in team activities. Individual marks will be adjusted based on the team ratings you give each individual. See the excel spreadsheet, How YOUR teams ratings will affect YOUR marks, available under the assessment details link in Blackboard. INSTRUCTIONS List the name and ID of each team member. Agree to a team rating for each individual to reflect the contributions of each person to the completion of the project by distributing 100 percentage points among them. If the team had three members and all team members performed equally then all would receive 33 points. If one person receives more than 33 points then one or more others will need to receive less than 33 points. Include a comment justifying the teams allocation for each person. NAME of Team Member ID Number SCORE COMMENT 1. 2. 3. DECLARATION AND SIGNATURES OF EACH TEAM MEMBER By signing below I am indicating that I agree to the team allocation of scores above and that I understand that the percentage score above will be used to adjust the team mark for the assessment to arrive at my individual mark. NAME of Team Member ID Number SIGNATURE DATE 1. 2. 3. VUIS Consulting Case Study Project Report < Insert the Case Study Business Name> Project Team Members Table of Contents Table of Contents 1 Glossary 2 Executive summary 3 Introduction 4 Background 4 [Insert either Cloud Customer Relationship Management or eCommerce] Systems 5 The meaning of [insert specific concept CRM or eCommerce] 5 Issues and Benefits 5 Current Trends and Examples in insert specific concept CRM or eCommerce] 5 Recommendations 6 Implementation 7 Conclusion 8 Reference List 9 [Update table of contents before submission: use the Microsoft Word Ribbon References and then choose Table of Contents. Delete this line when finished] Glossary [Compete a table showing terms that may be confusing to the reader delete this line when finished] Term Definition < Delete all the guidelines in green when you have completed the sections below.> Executive summary Introduction (200 words) Client Background Industry (500 words) In this section you should describe the case study client industry in your own words What Industry is the client in? How big is the Industry globally? How big is the industry in Australia? Name three main competitors for the client. What is the main problem the client is addressing in moving to new system. Then it is most important that you outline the problem they are facing. There is no use researching for a solution if there is no problem. Then outline what kind of system they want advice about? You are not required to recommend a system in this section. [Insert either Cloud Customer Relationship Management or eCommerce] (1000 words) Recommendations (500 800 words) < For any project there are often a range of options. The information provided here should outline the option you recommend. Whatever you recommend must take into consideration the cost versus the benefits. It may be that you recommend a system that is updated overtime. As a quick guide, you should provide solution for the following: What system you are proposing? Difference packages available (basic, advance, premium, etc) Price comparison table and specification How this system will help your client? What are the challenges they might face? (The above are just some suggestions) Outline of Implementation issues (500 700 words) All information systems require discussion of how the information system will be rolled out or implemented. For that we expect you to consider and discuss the following issues: In relation to the Business and proposed solution from recommendation: People What training requirements are needed for the staff? Who will actually do the training? Identify 5 different risk and suggest risk mitigation strategies What sorts of risks are likely in rolling out the new system? Use a risk table to represent the 5 main risks. Type of risk Likelihood (low, high, medium) Possible mitigation strategies Roll-out How will the system be rolled out; big bang, phased or pilot? What is the length of time for the roll-out from start to finish? Which internal staff will be involved in the rollout? Prepare a roll-out plan (gannt chart) for the the roll-out, see below. Security What are the top three security issues that need to be considered in implementing the new system? How will be security issues be managed? Conclusion < Summarise the main points from your report> (Word count not more than 3000) Reference List < Include a Harvard format reference list containing every reference cited in the body of your report. Every entry here must have a matching citation e.g. (Shackleton 2010) somewhere in the report, approximately 15 to 20 references>

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