MGT302 Contemporary Issues

MGT302 Contemporary Issues

MGT 302 Contemporary Issues, Assignment 7, Level 7, Credits 15, Version 1a Southern Institute of Technology 2019MGT302 ASSIGNMENT 7 Activity Title:Assignment 7Paper Number andTitle:MGT302 Contemporary IssuesLevel 7, 15 credits,Learning outcomes:LO4: Determine the research area for either their dissertation or advancedresearch project.Conditions:This is a compulsory assignment. It must be submitted and it makes up 26%of your final result for this paper.Submission is required by the due date as prescribed. ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONSDue Date: midnight Sunday, Week 13, via BlackboardStyle: EssayContribution: 26%Word count: approx. 1500 words (excluding referencing)Qualification outcome expectationsReferencing: Cite correctly in-text and include a full reference list using APA 6th edition guidelines.Presentation guidelines: Work is expected to be word-processed and submitted as a Word documentor PDF, use a clear, readable font and be within 10% of the given word count (excluding anyreferencing). Include your name, student number and the paper code and assignment number as aheader or footer. Spellchecking and proofreading of work prior to submission is strongly encouraged.MGT 302 Contemporary Issues, Assignment 7, Level 7, Credits 15, Version 1a Southern Institute of Technology 2019TASKThis assignment is to outline your dissertation aim, question(s) and objectives, and reflect on theprocess in determining this topic. Remember your research should be something youre passionateabout its extremely difficult to research for a 6 months to a year, or even longer, if youre not investedin the topic.Assignments 7 and 8 are to be based on the same research proposal.Reflection on the process to date in determining your research project, discussing the followingreflective questions: (700 words) What topics were easy or difficult to research/write and how did this influence your thoughtsregarding research topic/question? How has your motivation or focus for undertaking the proposed research changed throughundertaking the work to date? What was motivating/demotivating? How did you overcome any difficulties to make progress in your decision making? Have you had to consider or question any preconceived ideas, biases or stereotypes indetermining your research topic? How did you use the learning from the annotated bibliographies to refine your thinking andprocesses as you moved toward a decision regarding your research topic? Did you need furtherinformation and did you find it? What impact did peer feedback, if any, have on your decision making?While the above is a very personal reflection, you are still required to link it to current literature to supportyour argument / discussion / exploration of ideas.Also, you may use any reading or feedback provided by peers to develop an argument or identify apossible gap in the current literature which you would like to explore further.Your research project: Describe the overall aim or intended outcome of your study. (50-100 words) Identify the research question(s) that your research is intended to answer (what specifically willbe studied). State the research objective(s), clearly identifying variables to be measured (how the researchaim will be achieved). Complete a literature review. Organise your literature into topics/themes that support yourchosen research aims, summarising relevant information from Assignment 1 and includingfurther literature that supports/expands on these. (600 words)MGT 302 Contemporary Issues, Assignment 7, Level 7, Credits 15, Version 1a Southern Institute of Technology 2019Marking schedule CriteriaE (0-39)D (40-49)C (50-64)B (65-79)A (80-100)Self-reflectionWeighting30%Demonstrates littleability to questiontheir own biases,stereotypes,preconceptions,and no links aremade to previouswork.Demonstrates someability to questiontheir own biases,stereotypes,preconceptions, butlinks to theirprevious work andcurrent literature isunclear.Demonstratesadequate selfreflection including abasic understandingtheir own biases,stereotypes andpreconceptions, andlinks these to theirprevious work andcurrent literature.Demonstrates clearself-reflectionincluding soundunderstanding oftheir own biases,stereotypes andpreconceptions, andlinks these to theirprevious work, peerfeedback andcurrent literature.Demonstrates superiorself-reflectionincluding a clear anddeep understanding ofown biases,stereotypes,preconceptions,and/or assumptions,and links these to theirprevious work,including ownresearch, peerfeedback and currentliterature.Determines aresearch areafor theirdissertation /researchreportWeighting30%Fails to clearlyidentify a researchtopic.Little explanationof aim, questionand objectives toan uninformedreader.Consistent lapsesin clarity andaccuracy.The reader cannotcreate a mentalpicture of theresearch problem.Doesnt clearlyidentify a researchtopic.Any explanation ofaim, question andobjectives lacksclarity to anuninformed reader.Frequent lapses inclarity and accuracy.The reader strugglesto create a mentalpicture of theresearch problem.Identifies a researchtopic.Explanation of aim,question andobjectives issomewhat unclear toan uninformedreader.Minor, infrequentlapses in clarity andaccuracy.The reader createsa mental picture ofthe researchproblem.Clearly identifies aresearch topic.Explanation of aim,question andobjectives makessense to anuninformed reader.The reader createsa mental picture ofthe researchproblem.Clearly identifies aresearch topic andexplains the rational.Clear, detailedexplanation of the aim,question andobjectives that makessense to anuninformed reader.The reader can clearlysee the researchproblem.LiteraturereviewWeighting15%Fails todemonstrate anunderstanding ofcontemporaryissues.Doesnt identifyany potentialimpacts of theidentified researchtopic.Demonstrates someunderstanding ofcontemporaryissues.Limited identificationof any potentialimpacts of theidentified researchtopic.Demonstrates anunderstanding ofcontemporaryissues.Identifies somepotential impacts ofthe identifiedresearch topic.Clearlydemonstrates agood understandingof contemporaryissues.Clearly identifiespotential impacts ofthe identifiedresearch topic.Clearly demonstratesa detailed analysisand understanding ofcontemporary issues.In-depth analysis ofpotential impacts ofthe identified researchtopic is demonstrated.ResearchWeighting15%No scholarlysources, noevidence ofresearch or notrelevant for thetask.The research hasnot been linked tothe main text.Less than 3scholarly sources orsources are notrelevant for the task.Little evidence ofmeaningfulintegration of theresearch with themain text.3-4 scholarlysources.Some sources lackrelevance orauthority but are stillappropriate for thetask.The research couldbe incorporated withthe main text moreconsistently.5-6 scholarlysources.Sources are mostlywell-chosen,authoritative andappropriate for thetask.The research isintegrated with themain text.7+ scholarly sources.Sources are wellchosen, authoritativeand are appropriatefor the task.The research is verywell integrated withthe main text.WritingWeighting 5%No considerationfor presentation.Little evidence ofclear writing orstructure, verydifficult to follow.Acceptablepresentation.Poorly organisedand/or difficult toread. Does not flowTidy presentation.Mostly clear writingthat showsacceptableorganisation andstructure.Good presentation.Clear writing mainlyto the point. Mostlywell organised andstructured writing.Polished presentation.Clear, concise andwell-structured writingthroughout. MGT 302 Contemporary Issues, Assignment 7, Level 7, Credits 15, Version 1a Southern Institute of Technology 2019 Numerous spellingand/orgrammatical errorsthat have asignificant impacton readability.logically from onepart to anotherSome grammaticaland/or spellingerrors that impactnoticeably onreadability.Few issues aroundgrammar and/orspelling, some ofwhich have a minorimpact onreadability.Good spelling andgrammar with onlyminor oversightsthat do not impacton readability.Excellent spelling andgrammar, correct in allaspects.In-textcitations andReference listAPA formattedWeighting 5%Citations andreferences notgiven or follow noAPA guidelines.Citations andreferences are notgive or mostly do notfollow APAguidelines.Citations andreferences followsome APAguidelines.Citations andreferences followmost APAguidelines.Citations andreferences follow allAPA guidelines.

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