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Description Self Perception Project The Johari Window The Johari Window is often used as a tool to improve self-perception, interpersonal communication and also in organizational settings to improve group participation and effectiveness. For additional background and information read the short article “The Johari Window Model” from the following link. Step One: Make 6 copies of the list of adjectives below and label the copies: Self Family Member A and B Friend A, B and C Step Two: On the list labeled self, circle the adjectives that you feel describe you. (The other five copies of the list will be used later.) Construct a grid similar to the ones in the second article. The upper left quadrant should be the open area, the upper right quadrant should be the blind area, the lower left quadrant should be the hidden area, and the lower right quadrant should be the unknown area. In each quadrant write the following adjectives. (Each of the 55 adjectives from the list should be placed in one of the quadrants.) Open: Adjectives you identify that you believe others would also identify Blind: Leave empty Hidden: Adjectives you identified that you believe no one else would identify Unknown: Adjectives not identified by you Step Three: Give the copies of the list of adjectives to the identified individuals. Ask them to circle any adjectives they feel describe you. Do not engage in any discussion of the list of adjectives. Simply ask participants to complete the list and return it to you.(Keep a separate list of the individuals who completed the forms.) Step Four: Use a grid similar to the ones in the second article to tally the results. In each quadrant write the adjective and the number of times it appeared on one of the lists. Be sure to tally all six lists (your own and the other five.) Open: Adjectives identified by self and at least one other Blind: Adjectives identified only by others, not by self Hidden: Adjectives identified by self only, not by any others Unknown: Adjectives identified not identified by anyone Step Five: In a 1½ to 2 page, double-spaced essay, compare and analyze the two grids. Be sure to focus on any unexpected or surprising results. Did this exercise “open the window” in any way? Can you identify personal miscommunication experiences that might have been a result of known vs. unknown information? Submit the list of participants, both grids and the essay in the corresponding drop box in Assignments. Johari Adjectives Circle each of the adjectives that describe the individual. able dependable intelligent patient sensible accepting dignified introverted powerful sentimental adaptable energetic kind proud shy bold extroverted knowledgeable quiet silly brave friendly logical reflective spontaneous calm giving loving relaxed sympathetic caring happy mature religious tense cheerful helpful modest responsive trustworthy clever idealistic nervous searching warm complex independent observant self-assertive wise confident ingenious organized self-conscious witty

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