National Basketball Association

Dear xx, Now that the National Basketball Association (NBA)s collective bargaining agreement has expired and its players are locked out, the 2011-2012 slate of games is already in jeopardy. Whats moreseveral players who count on their incomes to take care of their lavish lifestyles will have to rethink how they spend and save their money. Forasmuch as players are staying true to union party lines saying they are prepared for a long holdout, the fact of the matter is the majority of players do not have their financial houses in order. As a result, many playersespecially those playing under their rookie contractswill be faced with tapping into their savings and other accounts to accommodate their lavish lifestyles. As the lockout moves forward, I thought you might be interested in reviewing Knowing the Score: Wealth Planning for Professional Athletes, a white paper/research report (coincidentally) released by Bernstein Global Wealth Management. The reportauthored by Bernsteins Cory Dowell (DirectorWealth Management Group) and Gregory Singer (Director of Research) details the realities of athletes spending, saving and gifting goals as well as how quantitative wealth planning matches objectives with individual circumstances. The findings and deliverables outlined in this white paper can be applied to nearly any other investor in the marketplace. Among the subjects that Mssrs. Dowell and Singer can address: The importance of analyzing capital markets in relation to ones salaryand how changes in these markets impact spending and saving requirements Scenarios of players with certain incomes who can utilize their core capital and savings more effectively without tapping into other long-term financial planning mechanisms How intra-family loans can be a highly attractive and relatively simple tool for transferring wealth over time with additional estate tax benefits How Bernsteins Wealth Forecasting System could assist players in setting their long-term allocation of financial assets Of course, a full set of credentials can be made available upon request. Might you be interested in discussing some options and connecting with Bernsteins representatives? I will contact you shortly to determine your interest. Thanks for your consideration. Sincerely, Michael Shmarak Sidney Maxwell Public Relations for Bernstein Global Wealth Management

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