need to be in appropriate APA format

Assignment need to be in appropriate APA format with a minimum of 2 peer review article as reference i will provide you my library website and password. The assignment should be based on the attached document i sent library resource; Library Number 23504106819190 This week you will be expanding on one of the hypotheses you created last week. Begin your assignment by choosing one of the two hypotheses. Clearly identify the hypothesis you have chosen. Think about your hypothesis. Would quantitative or qualitative research be better? Design a compelling quantitative or qualitative study to test the hypothesis. You do not need to conduct this research, but you need to explain the proposed research in detail. Your paper must answer the following questions: What background research is available on this general topic (the culture, variable, etc.)? Why is quantitative or qualitative research appropriate for this study? (Explain the difference between quantitative and qualitative research and why one is preferable for your research). What do you hope to discover with this research? Why is this topic theoretically interesting? How would you conduct the research? (Be very specific in discussing research methods, sample, instruments, variables, etc.) How will you apply your findings? How will you avoid bias in your research? Use at least two peer-reviewed articles and the textbook to support your work. You may be able to use some of the same sources that you used in last weeks assignment. See grading rubric for additional information.

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