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Online Community source for software engineering education

Online Community source for software engineering education Paper details: Only just the all pages on Literature review for the main concept of the topic which are (Software Engineering Education(SEE), SEE Online Community,Crowdsourcing,learner/ professional) I only want you start a head on literature review The kind of the literature review is Empirical study. I dont need any introduction or conciliation or only 3 Empirical literature review of three chapters I want u to use all materials (I added) and on three main chapters -Software Engineering Education -SEE Online Community -The sources there and the requirement source for SEE After Each Literature review of Chapter I want come up with 2-3 Questions to study which are HYPOTHESES related to Online Community and source for software engineering education. Literature review have to be on crowdsource, SEE Online community and software engineering education, Each chapter of them separately as well as the references list. *********Note that you add all References sources with cite******** *****Please, No references on the biographical without cite, even u read it****** ***** please keep the references of each Literature review Chapter under it.. dont marge them*** Means SEE chapter with the reference, Chapter of SEE online community with the important references and the third chapter is SEE sourcing with the main references. may u can use same reference at 2 or all chapters, u can divid 90 reference to 30 for each chapters the most important references to crowdsourcing chapter start and use the following 1. Atelier: Repurposing Expert Crowdsourcing Tasks as Micro-internships 2. Learning From the Crowd: Observational Learning in Crowdsourcing Communities 3. Toward a Learning Science for Complex Crowdsourcing Tasks 4.Towards Providing On-Demand Expert Support for Software Developers 6. A Multi-institutional Study of Peer Instruction in Introductory Computing 7. Meeting Graduate Employability Needs through Open-source Collaboration with Industry 8.Supporting Learners with Distributed Mentorship Teams in Massive Online Classes ****For the Chapter SEE Online Community Have to read and use, start with this pepper Motivation as a Lens to Understand Online Learners: Toward Data-Driven Design with the OLEI Scale I need same strategy for this article to writing Literature review Here is some point try to focus on them at the critical writing The main goal of this paper is an attempt to address this critical question. To community, first discuss the challenges of SEE for learner/ professional (the whole community) and then present how sources can address some of these challenges. So: that will include those points: 1- Software engineering education SEE online community role has (SEE Challenges: how it work, what is the achievement gold, SEE online community, their role, interest, skills and their relationships) 2- Find out the resource- that is used now, how help: and the resources that need to SEE 3- Explain the resource that I send how its work, main factor 4- How the new resource will effect on the community 5- The SEE Online community may will be (IT Support, Administrator, Proffional, Instructor, Lecturer, Academic staff, researcher, stakeholder, software engineered, learner, student, expert, course learning, training, employment) 6- What the important source characterise to learn SEE. 7- If there a significant relationship between online SEE community skill and successful achievement 8- As well as there are different resourcing/strategy to learn as (peer-peer learning, Mentor, Atelier as micro-internships, observational learning, worker training, IDE tools, peer Instructions, open source collaboration with industry, MOOC, self learning, using games, VIVO, virtual environment, Network tool as website: blog: forum, resource sharing: book, video, audio, video chat and remote lab) 9- Explain about SEE feature and the potential factor that could indicate to successful achemvent program for online community role 10- The platform that seek to create it has to keep student creativity, innovation, education and resources 11- What are the responsibilities and power for each member of SSE online community to keep the achievement the gold done 12- For each participant should consider these questions: What are the concrete results expected of the participant inside and outside the process? For which task will the participant take responsibility in the community? Who will share the responsibility? Who inside and outside the process will need or want information about the task? Who can benefit from this work? please follow the same detail above, Please use Australian Launguege Comments from Support Team: Discipline: software engineering education

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