Ozhouse Clean is based in Melbourne and offers

Ozhouse Clean is based in Melbourne and offers professional, residential cleaning services, including regular home cleans, as well as spring cleans. The company is a family business established in 2005 by James and Nancy Anderson. James and Nancy are the Directors of the company. Their daughter, Sarah is employed by the company in the role of Administration Manager; and you have been employed in the role of Operations Manager.The company sees its point of difference from competitors as being a small family business with a focus on quality and happy and content staff and customers. The management team understands this point of difference may need to change as the business grows. There may a need for more management staff to be employed, for example, while Sarah manages marketing, she is not skilled in this area and is very busy with the administration side of the business. A skilled marketing officer may be needed.Currently target customers are located in the greater Melbourne area. Target customers are people who want a professional, trustworthy and immaculate cleaning service. Pricing reflects that of competitors.

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