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Assignment 3 Body Image 10 marks (5%) Due: November 21, 2018 Review the Dove Beauty Videos from class and from the lecture notes. In a 1-2 page paper provide your reaction to these videos and offer an opinion on whether you think, that as a society we are in a good place when it comes to body image. In other words, do we have a healthy outlook on our bodies?Are advertisements like this helpful? Do you think that most people are accepting of themselves or are we looking for something different and better. Discuss some of the factors that influence our ideas of body image and what we can do to encourage the adoption of a healthy body image? This is not a research paper but rather a reflection on the subject of body image. Marks will be given for the following: Your reaction to the videos and evidence that you have viewed them; have formed an opinion about body image and are we generally accepting of our bodies or are we striving for more. 4 marks Are these types of advertisements helpfulwhy or why not? 2 marks The identification of factors that influence our ideas about body image. 2 marks Things that can be done to encourage a healthy body image. 2 marks Papers should be APA format (12 font, double-spaced, times new roman) All papers must be submitted through Blackboard. They are not to be emailed.

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