Parallel and Distributed Programming

Module: PDP Semester: Semester II Assignment Number: 2 OpenMP and MPI Date of Title Issue: 30th. March 2020 Assignment Deadline: 10th-May 2020 Assignment Weighting: 20/50 Please state the assignment title / brief. Please specify details such as: Answer the questions on the accompanying sheet. Learning Outcomes Please state the programme and related module learning outcomes that this assignment is assessing. 1,2,4, 5,6 Assessment Criteria Please state the assessment criteria applied to this assignment, such as: Correctness of the work.Presentation, including compliance with the specified file format.Evidence of critical thinking and analysis.Originality, quality and thoroughness of the work.Research correct academic approach.Proper treatment of sources.Demo of code will be in lab, failing to show work in lab receive deduction of 50% of total assignment grade. Academic Dishonesty: All of your assignments need to represent your own effort. Assignments should be done without consultation with other students and you should not share your source code with others. Any assignment submitted that is essentially the same, as someone elses will not be accepted. ALL matching assignments will receive 0 credits. Your task is to convert the Java Prime Parallel program attached, the idea of the solution was to split the integer limit into many tasks of size 1000 and create job queue, where a thread pool scans the job pool and work each task, at the end the sum of all results are added up and reported. Make sure to include timing to your code, you need to submit two solutions using MPI and OpenMP: OpenMP C file and results of executionMPI C file and results of execution

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