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Description Reply to this thread with your completed assignment (with explanations) before 11:59PM on Sept. 27th. Answers can be uploaded as a word document, PDF, or typed directly into the body of your post. THIS is a sample: Week 4 Participation Activity Determine the level of measurement of each of the following questions. Explain in one to two sentences why you chose the level of measurement that you did.   1. What is your current job title? I think this is a nominal measurement because people are being measured based on their job titles not on numerical values.    2. How old are you? This question is a Ratio measurement because your age is being measured which indicates your age is fixed and is an absolute zero.  This statistic can always be used.   3. In what year did you begin your previous job? I think this is an interval measurement because what’s being measured is fixed the date is a set amount of time.   4. Are you a veteran? I think this is a nominal level of measurement because it’s not asking you for a numerical value. This question is just mainly for classification purposes.    5. How much do you enjoy group work: not at all – neutral – somewhat – very much   This question is an ordinal measurement because your satisfaction is what’s being measured in order.    6. What best describes your current level of education:   Finished High School ……………………… 1 Finished Associates or Certification …….… 2 Finished Undergraduate …………………… 3 Finished Professional or Graduate …….…..  I think this would be an Ordinal level measurement because you are ranking your education. This question indicates the variables value specify the order of level of education.   Your answer should be look like this but NO COPY

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