Pat is a 60 year old male and lives in

Meet Pat in his later years Pat is a 60 year old male and lives in the suburbs of a capital city. Pat has spent the majority of his career working in a high position role at an IT company. He started at the company when he was 17 years old and worked his way up the ladder until there were changes made in his workplace. Pat left school at the age of 16, owing to significant bullying. It wasnt until he reached high school that it became so unbearable. His peers and students in the older grades teased him and the only refuge he found during class breaks was in a quiet place to draw and read. Pat was fascinated by machines, for example the workings of a typewriter and other gadgets he found in the classroom. He was teased about his appearance. Whilst Pat wore the same school uniform as others, he looked scruffy with his clothes untucked and his polo shirt was ripped at the collar as he chewed the buttons off at times of anxiety. He did this in primary school and whilst the behaviour had somewhat decreased, when issues in school worsened, his soothing strategy re-emerged. In class, whilst he is very clever, Pats intellect was rarely engaged. Pat had lost the will to participate in class. This was not always the case. He was curious and asked a lot of questions in all subjects, but his peers became increasingly annoyed because he did a lot of talking over the top of others in class discussions and butting in to class facilitation. He soon shut down for fear of more negative experiences. When it came to positive social interactions with peers, Pat became anxious as he tried to connect to the topics they were discussing. Sitting in single desks in class helped keep him refuge from any non-school related banter, but it left him feeling lonely and out of sync. He couldnt understand why he was so different. Pat was what the sport teacher described as a lanky and uncoordinated kid and he was not interested in his Physical Education classes. Pat was interested and did all that he could to participate, but as his anxiety heightened as he found it harder to take in the instructions as they were always given verbally. The above snapshot shares some of the experiences Pat had at High School which led to him leaving school. The year between finishing school and starting at the IT firm, Pat fell in to a deep depression and found it difficult to get out of bed or leave the house. A friend of the family who knew of the difficult time Pat and his parents were facing, he asked Pat if he would be interested to visit his workplace. He explained that there was an opportunity to learn about computers which did interest Pat. This support shown for Pat, helped him to find some energy toward getting out of the house and spending time in the IT firm. He started by cleaning and soon became the go to person to fix machines in the office. This was the beginning of igniting Pats passion for learning about computers. Not only was he able to fix the machinery, Pat started designing computer products. Pat lived with his parents until the age of 30 before he felt comfortable to move out of home in to a place he had purchased. Having lived at home whilst earning a wage, he had a significant amount of savings. Pat moved up the corporate chain in to management to inform innovation strategies based on his creative visions and his ability to focus on redesigning current machines. Fast forward to Pat at the age of 60 The company was bought out by an international corporation and significant changes were made in management as a result. A new CEO arrived, replacing the one that Pat had developed his skills and knowledge under his leadership. The new CEO ruled with an iron fist and Pat soon experienced anxiety attacks with the changes and lack of support in the workplace. At this time, Pat has a tiresome home life. He has two young adults to his first wife and he had twin girls when he remarried living under the one roof. The twins are identical. In a recent conversation, Pat shared that he has a 20 year old son with aspergers and the 8 year old twin girls have autism. He is up all night seeing to the twins, as they are a handful! Pat is having outbursts at home and arguments are occurring between himself and his wife. He is able to keep quite calm at work. Pat is showing signs of depression and anxiety. He is now avoiding any social interactions with his small circle of friends. Pats wife is encouraging him to see a psychologist but he is currently resisting the idea. His wife has an inkling that Pat might have autism having learnt more about the condition since the twins were diagnosed.

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