PERSONAL INTEGRATION PAPER The purpose of the personal integration is to make the course content REAL to the student. A personal integration is a written report where the student combines concepts from the coursewith her/his own life. They will be evaluated on: appropriate use/understanding of concepts, incorporation of ones own ******** amount ********uality of thought/analysis put into the report. (They must have these three elements.) The s******/theory/concept from the course will be the center of your personal integration. You will describe personal events, relationships, issues that relate to the concept (How does this concept apply to my life?) Then a good portionof the paper will involve your analysis/reflection. (What have I learned? What changes would I like to make to myself or my relationships, as a result of this concept? What would be the result of those changes? How do/did I feel? How do/did others feel? How would I add to or change this course concept/s******/theory and why? Etc.) They will be about 1000words long. Please include a word count at the end. Each student will complete 1 personal integration. Your paper will draw concepts from at least two chapters in the text. Chapter-4( Emotions) Concepts Social roles Fear of self-disclosure Emotional contagion. Chapter-1( Foundations of interpersonal communication) Concepts Communication is transactional Communication can be intentional or unintentional Communication has a content and a relational dimension Sample Personal Integration This is how a portion of your personal integration paper might look. Notice the use of terminology, explanation of the terminology to ensure understanding and then an application to your own life. In the first section of my personal Integration I am looking at elements in Chapter 2 and how they apply to my life. When I was young, from the earliest that I can remember, to about the age of 12 I was very influenced by Reflected appraisal. This concept speaks to the fact that we develop a self-concept that reflects the way we believe others see us. (Adler, Rosenfeld, Proctor II &Winder, 2016, p 42-3) In my family, I was the last one born with 3 older siblings. My older siblings are all males. As a female my ******** believed I should be very feminine and always dressed me in pink and treated me so differently from my brothers. My self-concept therefore, was that it was incredibly important to have strong feminine qualities and that was the only thing anyone would value in me. Later on as I got older I started to recognize different aspects of myself that were really more masculine. This recognition came through Reference groups. These are groups we compare ourselves against and therefore play a role in shaping our view of ourselves. (Adler et al., 2016, p 44) It was not until I was older that I realized that being stereotypically feminine was not really that important to me and I started to change my Self-Concept. The self-concept is the relatively stable set of perceptions that you hold of yourself. (Adler et al., 2016, p 40) The pictures attached are the disscussed concepts from the book.

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