Pillow Fight Club Database

Referencing Styles : Harvard To complete the assignment you must submit each of the following:1.A Conceptual UML design of the database showing the attributes of each class and highlighting ALL associations between classes including their multiplicities. a.The UML diagram can be drawn up in UMLet, DBDesignerFork, Visio or some other UML design tool but not using the Management Studio Diagram tool.b.Multiplicities must be included and can be represented using number or crows feet notation.c.Save the UML as an image to be included in your final word document (make sure it is still readable!). You may need to rotate the page layout to landscape.2.Written Logical Schemas for your design showing:a.Each of the required Table Schemasb.Any Primary and Candidate Keys using notation PK(xx) and CK(yy)c.Any Foreign Keys using notation FK(attr1) -> Table2(attr1)3.At least three table Creation statements for your design which together must cover:a.An example of a named Primary Keyb.An example of a named Foreign Keyc.An example of a named Composite Primary Key OR Composite Foreign Key

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