Please upload your three-entry

Bibliography Please upload your three-entry bibliography in .docx format. The emphasis here is on using reference management software (Zotero) to organize and format your bibliography. Dont forget to include both your name and the current title of your paper in the document. This is due 10/5/2018 Outline As always, name and title should be included. Be sure that page numbers appear at the bottom of each page. Due 10/26/2018. Figures and Tables All figures, tables, and captions, including citations for any reprinted figures (tables should be recreated) should be here. Place one figure on each page, with the caption under it. Place one table on each page, with the caption above it. Remember, figure captions should be a complete description of the figure contents, and should not rely on a reference to the text to understand their contents. Interpretation of their contents does not generally belong in the caption. First Draft Complete draft, including abstract, all figures, and properly formatted bibliography. Dont forget to also submit it to your research advisor so that they can help you with technical details. Revision really does take at least as long as the first draft takes to complete, so it is vital that this be complete enough to allow you to get useful feedback. Peer-reviews Create a single, separate file for each review. Be sure to use the format provided for feedback. Detailed comments, particularly with constructive criticisms, are helpful. While it can be okay to point out persistent patterns of grammar, spelling, punctuation, or style that should be addressed, this is not the place for detailed comments like, put a comma here. Due 11/20/2018. Second Draft This draft should incorporate comments from me, your research advisor, and from your peer reviews. Your letter to the editor should be attached. Final Submissions This is where your revised manuscript should be submitted. Please upload the letter to the editor (highlighting the changes you have made) separately (i.e., there should be two files to upload here). Final deadline is non-negotiable (December 12, 2018).

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