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Assignment 0318: MCR001 Economic Principles Page 1 of 3 Assignment TRIMESTER 3, 2018 Student Id Number Student Name SUBJECT NAME: Economic Principles SUBJECT CODE: MCR001B TIME ALLOWED: Due on 18th Nov 2018 INSTRUCTIONS FOR STUDENTS: Please write the names and student id of all your group members; individual contribution need to be mentioned on the first page along with your student id. This assignment is worth 25%. Your word limit is 3500 words. REMINDERS: Students are reminded about UBSS policy on academic integrity. Any breach of this policy will be considered cheating and appropriate action will be taken. Any communication between group by any means including sharing of information is strictly prohibited Assignment ( Max 4000 words including references) You are a Macroeconomist here in Australia and you are asked to give your recommendations to the Federal Government about how the Australian Housing market can be made more affordable. Australias population is more dense in the coastal areas and people are reluctant to move to regional areas for the want of employment. As an economist, what would be your suggestions to have a balanced spread of Australias population and achieve a higher economic growth. END OF TEST PAPER

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