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Foundation Studies Art, Design and Architecture Applied Communication Design POSTER DESIGN Poster design was one of the earliest forms of advertising and considered by some as the beginning of brand identity. The purpose of a poster is to attract and captivate the viewer. An effective poster is noticeable from a distance and communicates its message immediately. Objective: To develop an understanding of promotional design and the importance of visual communication through the creation of a poster. You are to create a poster which promotes an entertainer within the music industry. Brief: Research: Write a research report, examining 3 poster designs. The report must be in the form of an essay (introduction, body and conclusion) and include the following for each example: background information your own analysis an image for each design Use Harvard referencing. 500 words minimum excluding quotes & references. Step 1 Make a list of entertainers you like from the music industry. Choose one and brainstorm anything and everything that comes to mind that you associate with that entertainer. Step 2 Conduct extensive research about the entertainer. Find photos, images and information relating to the entertainer. In doing so, consider the following: the style/genre of music theyre associated with the emotional impact of their songs/music their contribution to the music industry their persona and stage presence how they inspire you You must not use any image or photograph that hasnt been produced by you in your poster design. The images you collect are for research and reference purposes only. Step 3 Written Component: Blurb Write a blurb about the entertainer, taking into consideration that the primary objective of the poster is to promote an event. Written Component: Information Decide on the type of event you will be promoting. Include relevant information such as: name of the venue time and date of the event other relevant information Step 4 Make a list of at least 10 different headlines or headings that relate to your topic/entertainer. Discuss the options with your teacher and choose the most appropriate to use in the final design. Step 5 Concept Development Develop at least 15 concepts/layout sketches in your bank layout pad. The layout sketches should be approximately A5 size, 3 per page. Consider interesting ways in which you can combine the heading, blurb, event details and imagery to create unique layouts. Refer to your brainstorming and the research you conducted for inspiration to develop unique concepts. Step 6 Design Development After discussing your concepts with the teacher, choose the best options to develop further. Important things to consider: stylisation of imagery abstraction/simplification visual hierarchy composition scale: size of elements font choices use of colour hand produced elements digitally produced elements PRODUCTION Produce your final poster in Adobe InDesign. You may use Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to refine/produce the elements for the poster and export them in the appropriate file formats to compile in InDesign. SUBMISSION High-quality A3 print on heavy stock, full bleed (300ppi portrait format) Submit final design with your development book in an A3 plastic sleeve. You must submit the folder containing all of your files into the relevant class folder on the Mac Server. Due Date Assessment Research Report 10 Concept/Design 20 Concept Development 40 Brainstorming Research Heading, Blurb & Info Concept Sketches Design Development Reflection Annotations Skills/Techniques 10 Finish/Presentation 10 Oral Presentation 10 TOTAL 100 This assignment is worth 30% of your first semester result.

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