Precis Summary Journal

Description Learning Objective: Critically engage with the reading by writing a summary. To critically think and interact with fellow students to get a deeper understanding of the text. To apply historical readings to present day situations. Recommended:  Precis-Journal/Summary Directions Summary Directions: You must write about that weekly reading The First three paragraphs are summaries of the readings. The Fourth Paragraph is your opinion on the reading and how it relates to you personally. After you Upload onto Canvas you must comment on 1-2  fellow student journals summaries in class. lecture about the weekly reading: 23, 3:20 AM A Question of Loyalty:             In this week’s precis, we saw the video of Asian American episode two. This specific episode was called “A Question of Loyalty.” The documentary begins by explaining that during World War II many Japanese Americans or Asians, in general, were persecuted simply because they were the same people or looked like the same people. The Japanese Americans in particular would be oppressed and put in concentration camps. The families were separated from the children taken. The American government went so far to even take photos of the Japanese and sign them identification cards with a PIN. One of the ladies telling her mother’s story explained how she felt it was a process of dehumanization.             One unique thing that stood in the video was how one Japanese American said how there were lots of anti-Japanese discrimination but were led by other immigrants for white people whether in terms of favor or proving their loyalty. Lots of companies, stores, and even residential areas would go as far as banning Asians from purchasing or living in their areas. Some families because of this whole process were torn apart due to conflicting sides being on both sides of the war. The process of discrimination would get so extreme that it pushed one Japanese American named Buddy Uno to go to Japan to be a correspondent. Japan offered more opportunities while America restricted opportunities. Working in Japan was a great pride for Buddy as he no longer felt ostracized and felt one of them. With great pride how would write numerous articles detailing the strengths of Japan but would ignore the horrific things the country would do during the war.             After the attack on Pearl Harbor, Buddy’s father is arrested and questioned by the FBI. The family was separated for almost two years from their father. Because the hatred of the Japanese would get so intense, the other Asian groups would have to declare their race or make themselves known that they weren’t Japanese. This would be done with a badge saying Koreans or Chinese for America. Many Japanese on the other hand like few of Buddy’s siblings volunteered and still served in the U.S. army despite having their family in internment camps. They even as far as disowning him and vowing to kill him. But later Buddy was reunited with his brother and things smooth over with them. He never returns to the US and ends up dying of Tuberculosis.             Overall, this story was really sad. There were many other stories but the one that stood out to me and stuck with me was Buddy’s story. I honestly believe Buddy was not in the wrong. I would have done the same thing had a place I lived in persecuted me so bad that I would too eventually go home. Buddy had no plans to serve and along the way, he got swept up into it. It is really sad and no one deserves to have their family broken up like this. The best thing we all should do is to make sure events like this do not ever happen again.

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