Proceses and evaluation of the Operation

Critical analysis and evaluation of operations, you are required to select and research an organisation with the view to reporting on its operational. The report should be divided in three main parts: The first p****** deal******th backround of the operations; The second ****** deal******th the transformation process, the five preformence objectives and the four Vs of operation management. The p****** deal******th process design, Diagrams should be use in the report as well. Part one (15%) Brifly description of the its general and business context * Purpose *Size *Competetose *Target customers *Recent company performance Part Two- Transformation Proceses and evaluation of the Operation (45%) Discribe the main operation of the organisation in terms of inputs, trasformation prceses and output. * Analyse the orgainastion in terms of the four Vs of operations management: Volume Varity Variation Visibility Evaluate what each of the operation performance objectives means to the organisation and factors are most valued by its ccastomers Pattr Three Process Design (40%) Describe the layout and the flow of *materals (Incuding supply chain) *Information * Customer Discuses what do you think are the maine ojectives of the process design , and whether or not these objectives are bing achived Identify any problems within the opera

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