Select one company and product from the following list: Tesla Model S Microsoft Surface Tablet Fiat 500 American Express Platinum Card Develop a marketing strategy for your selected company, utilizing the resources and concepts you have learned in this course. This assignment requires research about the company, the industry in which it participates, competitors in the same market space, the social/cultural/economic/regulatory environment facing the company, potential target ******iences for the companys products (current and prospective), and implications associated with potential marketing actions. Your marketing strategy assignment should be 6-10 pages in length and have no fewer than ten cited references (Citations from Wikipedia do not count toward the total!). Your research paper must include the following components: APA formatted title/cover page Identification of the essential marketing challenge facing the company Description of the company and brand history, strengths and weaknesses Exploration of the industry and external environment in which the product competition Selection, characterization and justification of the segment(s) your strategy will target A fully developed statement of positioning strategy for the brand An outline of the marketing strategy that addresses: Proposed changes, if any, in the product offering Pricing strategy Messaging strategy Distribution strategy IMPORTANT: This should include analysis that explain

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