Project Management Leadership Self-Reflection

1/3BUSM1282: Project Management LeadershipMaster of Project Management, RMIT UniversityAssessment Three (Individual assignment)Assignment 3: Project Management Leadership Self-ReflectionWeighting: 30%Length: 2,500 words (plus or minus 10%)Due date: See CanvasTopic1. Define and discuss what leadership, in the context of project management, means to you andyour own professional practice. Ensure in your discussion you frame your response using theweekly themes of the course and your future professional practice.2. In addition, in light of the Project Management leadership concepts covered in the course,create a table that identifies your own strengths and areas you would like to develop.3. Select two (2) of the areas you would like to develop further. Create a personal action plan forthe development of these two areas, listing specific immediate actions you could take (overnext month) and a longer term plan (over the next 6 months 1 year).4. Appendix: Attach copies of all completed set Leadership self-assessment tasks (and theirresults) for each topic we covered in class e.g. Myers Briggs Personality test; Big 5 Personalitytest; Resilience survey; Emotional Intelligence assessment; Cultural Intelligence survey.AimThe aim of this assessment is to conduct a self-reflection of your own personal project managementleadership style based on the topics covered in this course.Assessment objectivesWe do not learn from experiencewe learn from reflecting on experience. (John Dewey)Reflective practice (identifying and considering your own professional attitudes, behaviours andpractice) is an important professional competency which assists project professionals to perform incomplex environments. Reflective capability enables you as a project professional to move from atrained technician to a successful project professional (Crawford, Morris, Thomas and Winter, 2006).Course learning outcomesAssignment 3 covers Course Learning Outcome 5.On completion of this assignment you should be able to: analyse the development of your ideas and insights and their implications for your practiceas a formal or informal leader in project teams. reflect on the content of the Project Management Leadership course, the leadership selfassessment tasks you completed and on your own learning process. analyse and discuss your own responses to the key concepts/issues from course work andreadings which were most relevant to your own leadership practice. Identifyo your current leadership strengthso areas for further development2/3o a specific and detailed action plan (short- and medium-term) to further developyour project management leadership skillsAssignment SpecificationsFormat: Word fileStyle: ReportWriters voice: You may use I, me my as the analysis refers to yourselfFooter: Insert page numbersWord count: State your word count at the start of the report. Do not include the reference list inyour word count.Referencing style: Harvard Guide:;ID=8rwjnkcmfoeezAppendix: Attach all assigned self-assessment tasks, complete with your answers and the resultsAssessment CriteriaPlease refer to the detailed grading rubric on Canvas.Assignment SubmissionSubmit as an electronic submission to Turnitin on Canvas.You are encouraged to submit an early draft and review the originality report, to ensure that allmaterial used has been referenced appropriately. Please take the paper down and correct anyerrors and resubmit (using exactly the same file name).Helpful guide on reflective writing with assignment preparation and writingRMIT offers a free service to help you with your writing, will proofread your draft assignments, andmore. Visit the RMIT Study and Learning Centre. Online and face-to-face help is available. Go to:;ID=l5f1zzjdhi0g1PlagiarismPlagiarism is very serious and will result in automatic fail. Please become familiar with the UniversityPolicy. Instances of plagiarism will be referred to the Head of School, who will instigate a formalinvestigation.Applying for an extensionApplication for extension of time must be submitted to the Lecturer no later than one day before thesubmission is due. Refer to There is no capacity at any time to seek an extension outside of the universitys process forapplying for an extension. For all other cases you need to apply for Special Consideration online.Late submission3/3In instances where an extension has not been requested by the student and approved by theLecturer, the assessment will be given 0%. This is the policy of the School of Property, Constructionand Project Management. Lecturers do not have the authority to deviate from policy.

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