PSY 650: Human Development Prenatal Development And Infancy

Imagine that you work for a family health organization. You have been asked to create a newsletter to hand out to expecting parents. The newsletter should consist of 600-750 words that will inform parents of issues related to prenatal development and infancy. In the newsletter, make sure to include the following:

1. List critical periods of prenatal development.

2. List teratogens that could impact prenatal development.

3. List and describe ways to have a healthy pregnancy and to reduce prenatal risks.

4. Describe infant risks and how to minimize those risks (e.g., SIDS, injury).

5. Address attachment issues during infancy.

6. Provide tips for fostering healthy development in the three areas of infant development.

Use two to four scholarly resources to support your information.

*Include a reference(s) from the GCU Library;

While APA style is required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA 7th Style formatting guidelines

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