PTSD Research Presentation

PTSD Research Presentation

PTSD Research Presentation Discipline:Psychology Type of service:Research Paper Spacing:Double spacing Paper format:Other (add to details) Number of pages:2pages Number of sources:0 source Paper details Research Presentation : Points 50 Steps to Follow: Pick a Research topic about any Psychological disorders which interests you. Pick a partner or make a group of 2 who have similar interest in the topic of research. Make a presentation based on the topic. Present it in class and have the print out for submission before the presentation for grading. Presentation: * You can talk about personal experiences or about someone in the family. You can interview the elderly if you have access to. Do not name them in your video or presentation. You can ask for their permission before you work with them. You need to interview at least 4 elderly. Make Power points/ Pinterest/cloud presentation. Videos can be used from youtube or other media to accentuate your presentation but should not be more than 2 minutes in the 10 minute presentation. Have at least 3 references for this including the text book. Add the reference list to the end of the presentation. Print out the presentation for submission during the day of presentation. What goes in the Presentation: Introduction : Topic. Names of the students in the group. History about the Disorder. * Causes Symptoms Treatments How it affects the person and his/her daily life. Support systems needed and where to go to find some. Summary References. EVALUATION BASED ON: *Content *Clarity *Confidence *Creativity *Catchy

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