Qualitative & Quantitative research methods are the best

“Qualitative & Quantitative research methods are the best!” AttachmentCOLLAPSE

Statement 1:

“Qualitative research methods are the best!” Qualitative research is based on inductive logic that explores the deeper issues. Crawford (2016) Qualitative research gathers data and draws conclusions from data that’s observed (Crawford, 2019, p. 70).  “…. qualitative approaches can help discover, identify, and more richly describe what the variables really are that need to be studied (Crawford, 2019, p. 71)! An example where you may use qualitative research would be if you wanted to find out why people open up and IRA versus a 401k. The reasons vary and people have different situations in life and obstacles that contribute to their choice. This is an open-ended question; data is a not able to be collected in a statistical format however, the variables that come the from this are able to be studied deeper.

Statement 2: 

Quantitative research methods are the best! Quantitative research uses this method to seek objectives through hypothesis that are testable and that are carefully designed studies (Crawford, 2019, p. 70). This type of research methods is deductive in nature and involves numerical data in which draws a conclusion and are generalized to population of interest. Crawford (2016). When using this method, the most researcher would use things such as questionnaires or surveys. If a researcher wanted to conduct research on how many college students preferred online courses vs preferred in-class courses, then they would use the quantitative research method with the selective tools. Researchers collect numerical data when completed.  Conclusions are drawn from statistics and generalized to populations of interest (Crawford, 2019, p. 70). 


      Crawford, A.R. (2016). Presentation: Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches [Class Video]. Liberty University.   

      Crawford, A. R. (2019). Introduction to research: Less fright, more insight (Custom 3rd ed.). Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt.


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