Reflections on Experience

What happened? Give an account of what happened. Reflections on Experience Looking back, why did the event or situation turn out that way? What did you do? What did others do? How did you feel? How do you feel now? Learning from the Experience What have you learnt from this experience regarding your use of leadership/ team working/ effective social interaction/communication skills and personal attributes? What would you do differently in the future? Action Plans What actions (if any) do you need to take as a result of this experience to continue the learning? MBA reflection writing Inbox x Ashok Podila Nov 26, 2018, 12:55 PM (1 day ago) Hi assignment Helper , Here I am attaching assignment requirements and guidelines please find those all below. 4 Ashok Podila <*********************m> Attachments 4:45 PM (4 hours ago) to Assignments they give brief about what are going to do in next 3 days in my group we are 4 members FIRST DAY task 1;- we were splitted in to groups and be given 5 different tasks task 1 roll a ball :- In this task tutor provided an equipment and 25 minutes time to complete the task we failed the task because of not enough planning ,confusion and we didnt read the instructions properly what went good on this task is that no one panic, good coordination and no arguments. feelings in this task new to me i felt little nervous but group people are very good to me task 2 : sheep and shepherd one person shepherd other people are sheep and sheep have been lead by shepherd through whistles. But we failed in this task as well due to Improper guiding and taking own assumptions that means not listening to whistle properly what went good on this task is communication and planning f TASK 3 : NUMBER CRUNCHER In this task numbers from 1 to 25 are placed randomly in different places and we have to touch each of them in order in given 25 seconds of time due proper planning we finished this task in time. SECOND DAY TASK 1 : BUILD A RAFT first task build a raft and business task this task we have ropes company building a raft we need barrels to get this barrels we have to negotiate with the barrels company on equal terms by exchanging ropes for barrels and we buy all other materials like wooden poles,sculls.But most of dont know how to build a raft and finally one person in our team know how to build it and we all helped to him ti build raft and we traveled on the raft up to the given mark and we won that task TASK 2 : BUSINESS Business task is a very large task which has been underwent in different sub tasks In the first sub task we form a group of 9 members among the 9 members first person take the role of leader, second person takes the role of financial , third person takes the role of sales manager and rest of the six members takes the roles of production department and for the first sub task we have to travel through a dark tunnel and financial department bought helmets for the task and entire team have to enter tunnel and after successful completion of task each one get 100 points which in-terms can be used as production money for our business and in this task team mates not co-operated properly due to lack of proper communication taking individual decisions please use giibs cycle for writing reflection and few tests EI , bablen and Personality test use reference academic and harvard references 1. Be aware of the purpose of your reflective writing and state if it is appropriate 2. Reflective writing requires practice and constant standing back from oneself. 3. Practice reflecting writing on the same event /incident through different peoples viewpoints and disciplines 4. Deepen your reflection / reflective writing with the help of others through discussing issues with individuals and groups, getting the points of others. 5. Always reflect on what you have learnt from an incident, and how you would do something differently another time. 6. Try to develop your reflective writing to include the ethical, moral, historical and socio-political contexts where these are relevant.

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