Remind the student of the rules like

lesson plan Student Teacher Name: Mariam Bader Subject and unit lesson number: Math 2 Date: 21.2.2018 Time: 9:15 to 10:00 Grade: 1c No of students: 21 LeSSON Outcomes: recognize compatible numbers Students will be able to: Add to 10 using the 10 frames. Materials/Resources Needed: ten frame, play dough, small whiteboard for each group, individual worksheet and gifts. PROCEDURE: What will the teacher do in each phase? What will the students do in each phase? On the mat Beginning Introduction ( today we are learning to add to 10 Ask student to find two number equal 10. Write the student answer in the board. Remind the student of the rules like the points, gifts, punishment such as no break and no golden time. Student will give example like: 9+1, 8+2, 7+3, 6+4, 5+5 and 10+0 equal 10. Middle Explain the game and materials for the student. And model for them how to do the activity. Mange the time and student behavior. A leader will be selected for each group, when they will work teacher will observe and help the student. After that make them pay attention show them how to clean the table. Explain for them what they must do in the worksheet and let them put their heads on the table, with quiet music during the distribution of the paper. The leader will take the basket containing the material. The students will paste the dough onto the paper containing 10 frames, and the other student will write on the whiteboard, for example if the student put three blue and seven red paste the other student should write 3+7=10 Each student will have the opportunity to take the dough and write in each group. They will clean and return the materials in the basket and the leader will put it in my table. Student will answer the worksheet then give it to the leader, the leader give it to me. Choose one student to come in front. Give him the dice, ask him to throw it and write the number which he got in the board and will answer. After he finish he will select other boy. Give the student the gifts and the pints. End One student will come to throw the dice, if he got 6 he will said 6+4=10 Select other boy how sit nicely.

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