RMIT Classification: Trusted

RMIT Classification: TrustedRMIT University School of Science, RMIT (formerly Computer Science and IT)Slide 1Cloud ComputingCOSC 2626/2640Supporting Information for Assignment 2RMIT Classification: TrustedWhere cloud is used? School of Science, RMIT (formerly Computer Science and IT)Slide 2 Strategic Systems (Defense / Intelligence) Bioinformatics Visualization and Graphics Economics and Finance Scientific Computing many moreRMIT Classification: TrustedCase Study: Perhaps the first truly successful software as a serviceplatform What is the software being provided? Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools for sales people tofind customers, keep in contact with them. Gives a birds-eye view of customers status, in-flight orders,order history, leads, approvals, etc. How it works? Only about 1000 mirrored machines for 55K enterprise customers,1.5M subscribers 10 Oracle databases across 50 servers AJAX Web interface with various communication services School of Science, RMIT (formerly Computer Science and IT)Slide 3RMIT Classification: TrustedCase Study: Facebook School of Science, RMIT (formerly Computer Science and IT)Slide 4 Facebook provides some PaaS capabilities to applicationdevelopers Web services remote APIs that allow access to social networkproperties, data, Like button, etc. Many third-parties run their apps off Amazon EC2, and interface toFacebook via its APIs PaaS + IaaS Facebook itself makes heavy use of PaaS services for their ownprivate cloud Key problems: how to analyze logs, make suggestions, determine whichads to placeRMIT Classification: TrustedFacebook APIs School of Science, RMIT (formerly Computer Science and IT)Slide 5 Read data from profiles and pages Navigate the graph (e.g., via friends lists) Issue queries (for posts, people, pages, ) Add or modify data (e.g., create new posts) real-time updates, issue batch requests, How you can access it? Graph API FQL (Facebook Query Language) Legacy REST APIRMIT Classification: TrustedHeroku ( PaaS) A new way of building and deploying web apps. School of Science, RMIT (formerly Computer Science and IT)Slide 6RMIT Classification: TrustedHeroku School of Science, RMIT (formerly Computer Science and IT)Slide 7 Instant Deployment with Git push build of your application isperformed by Heroku using your build scripts Plenty of Add-on services (applications, databases etc.) Processes scaling independent scaling for each component ofyour app without affecting functionality and performance Isolation each process is completely isolated from each other Full Logging and Visibility easy access to all logging outputfrom every component of your app and each process A simple web application written in node.js can handle around60 70 requests per second.Assignment 2 School of Science, RMIT (formerly Computer Science and IT)Slide 8Uses Cloud platforms and technologiesRMIT Classification: TrustedPublicly available data School of Science, RMIT (formerly Computer Science and IT)Slide 9 City of Melbourne public data: Vicroads data Example Summarization Average vehicle count in a month in a road Which time of the day has most accidents Average car flows in freeways BOM data: Find high temperature zones Find low rainfall zones Find seasons with highest rainfall in a yearRMIT Classification: TrustedMore public data sourceSlide 10 PTV Data: Spatial Data: AWS Public dataset: Google book Ngram: Watson Analytics: UCI Irvine Machine Learning repository: Classification: TrustedUse of APIs School of Science, RMIT (formerly Computer Science and IT)Slide 11 Twitter API: Twitter streaming API: Facebook: Instagram API: Youtube API: Soundcloud API: PTV API: Google map API: API for different online Games RIOT Game API: Classification: TrustedPast Students SubmissionsProvide you some ideas aboutPossible cloud applicationsHow to design cloud application architectureWhat cloud services you can useNotes:Some works may not meet the current A2 requirementsSome technologies may be out-of-dateSome past technologies may be replaced by new advancedtechnologiesRMIT Classification: TrustedReal-time analysis of FitBit DataSlide 13RMIT Classification: TrustedReal-time analysis of FitBit DataSlide 14RMIT Classification: TrustedElectroencephalogram (EEG) brainwave AnalysisSlide 15RMIT Classification: TrustedWellness calculator app Health wellbeing calculator ( an Andriod app) Uses AWS LambdaSlide 16RMIT Classification: TrustedHealth application School of Science, RMIT (formerly Computer Science and IT)Slide 17 Example: diet watcher Different kind of information per user ( daily intake of Food ) dynamoDB? User can set a goal for calories intake Compare daily intakes Recommend future intakes Example: Sleep Quality tracker Time user goes to bed, Time of wake up, total time of sleep, total time ofawake, RMIT Classification: TrustedRoad Traffic data analysis A distributed model School of Science, RMIT (formerly Computer Science and IT)Slide 18RMIT Classification: TrustedRoad Traffic data analysis Tier 1 Hosted website on IBM BluemixServer Tier 2 Jersey server included as part ofthe IBM Java Library. Handles routing forall the API calls made in tier 1 Tier 3 a thirdparty MongoLab ( a freeMongoDB (NoSQL) on cloud database). Outcome: A summarized informationabout traffic congestionsSlide 19RMIT Classification: TrustedVicRoads data analysis Dangerous areasfor accident inVictoria Age groupcausing mostaccidents Which time ofthe day hasmore accidentsSlide 20RMIT Classification: TrustedPTV APIg Report train delays usingPTV API PTV doesnt like to tell youthat their trains are runninlate.Slide 21RMIT Classification: TrustedPTV APISlide 22RMIT Classification: TrustedEl-nino/La-nina predictor compare the rainfall data providedfor public use by the AustralianBureau of Meteorology to theOceanic Nino Index data providedby NASA.Slide 23RMIT Classification: TrustedWeather recommendation system School of Science, RMIT (formerly Computer Science and IT)Slide 24 Use your calendar event ( Google calendar API) Use any Forecast API ( ) Recommend weather of your event day Static information ( in cloud storage ) Dynamic modules ( in cloud hosting ) Speed up computation ( load balancing )RMIT Classification: TrustedFree Rider Share free ride via social app to helppeople during trip Uses facebook APISlide 25RMIT Classification: TrustedSchedule social app posting Provide facilities to user toschedule their post onsocial app Schedule personal post soit will appear your/yourfriends timeline at the timeyou want. Use of facebook APISlide 26RMIT Classification: TrustedTrending Tweets Which geographical locations are tweeting the most popularhashtags and words. Use of twitter streaming API andGoogle Map API Beanstalk for hosting School of Science, RMIT (formerly Computer Science and IT)Slide 27RMIT Classification: TrustedRestaurant finder Find nearby popularrestaurants from instagramposts Uses Alchamy API andInstagram APiSlide 28RMIT Classification: TrustedGoogle books n-gram data analyser Retrieve most popular 30countries from Big datausing MapReduce Show summarizationusing Google visualizationAPIs (i.e. Google HeatMap, Google Table,Google BarChart,PieChart)Lecture 1Cloud Computing 2018 Ibrahim Khalil byAbdur Forkan Slide 29RMIT Classification: TrustedMobile Application usage tracker System Track usage of app of an androidmobile user Predict: What type of person he/sheis (e.g. if use of sports app is highthen he is a sports lover)Slide 30RMIT Classification: TrustedMobile Application usage tracker SystemSlide 31RMIT Classification: TrustedIoT: Processing sensor data in real-time Real-time data processing ofdistributed sensor networkSlide 32RMIT Classification: TrustedData centre provisioning Allows users to register andprovide virtual machines tonew users so that they canaccess from a graphicalinterface via an webapplicationSlide 33RMIT Classification: TrustedShop Alert User makes a list of theirdesired product list Alert users when nearbyproducts in their whish-listare available in nearby shopsSlide 34RMIT Classification: TrustedSteganography hiding of secret datawithin exposable data Example: we can takethe readings of ahouse meter from aparticular individualand conceal secretivedetails such as theirdate of birth, name,address and so forth,without ever showingsigns of this databeing thereSlide 35RMIT Classification: TrustedHome automationSlide 36RMIT Classification: TrustedHome automationSlide 37RMIT Classification: TrustedTemperature sensor loggerSlide 38RMIT Classification: TrustedFinding nearby moviesSlide 39RMIT Classification: TrustedLocation based public wall chat applicationSlide 40RMIT Classification: TrustedAndroid Remote Controller App for RobotSlide 41RMIT Classification: TrustedWeather data analyticsSlide 42RMIT Classification: TrustedVideo encoding School of Science, RMIT (formerly Computer Science and IT)Slide 43 Encode a video file into another format using ffmpeg. Normally takes long time if encoding is done in one machine Different chunks of the video file will be processed on severalVM instances/nodes in a cluster simultaneously and thenreassembled. Saved the generated file in cloud storage. Makes the process fasterRMIT Classification: TrustedEvent scheduler School of Science, RMIT (formerly Computer Science and IT)Slide 44 Schedule information from different apps The events only you are interested Birthday reminder Send you reminderRMIT Classification: TrustedMore ideas about applicationSlide 45 Multi-Server online Game / Multiplayer game Play the most popular music of a city using GPS tracking Menu Planner: Organise cooking menu and plan meals based oningredients and diets for the upcoming days. Game matchmaking Many moreRMIT Classification: TrustedAbout data visualizationSlide 46 Making data visual is a big part of making it understandable anduseful. For all the excitement about novel data sources like socialcomputing or the Internet of Things (IoT), data analysis willeventually flow into a report or dashboard where someone mustmake sense of it. For better judgement you need tools for building clearer andsharper visualizations. Spend more time working on visualizations because someoneelse is taking care of the infrastructureRMIT Classification: TrustedAbout data visualizationSlide 42 Instead of spending their time optimizing SQL queries or datawarehouse configuration you can consider whether a bar, line,or pie graph is the best way to convey information. when it makes sense to stick with a tabular presentation but usetypography and white space to make data easier to scan. Hadoop, which make it possible to store very large volumes ofinformation without users knowing in advance how theyll queryit. But how you will show the query result to the user?RMIT Classification: TrustedSample visualizationSlide 48RMIT Classification: TrustedSample visualizationSlide 49RMIT Classification: TrustedSample visualizationSlide 50RMIT Classification: TrustedSample visualizationSlide 51RMIT Classification: TrustedSample visualizationSlide 52RMIT Classification: TrustedGoogle cloud DataLabSlide 53 A powerful interactive tool created to explore, analyze and visualize datawith a single click on Google Cloud Platform. It runs on Google App Engine and orchestrates multiple servicesautomatically so you can focus on exploring your data. Cloud Datalab enables analysis of your data on Google BigQuery, GoogleCompute Engine, and Google Cloud Storage using Python, SQL, andJavaScript. Once you are satisfied with your transformation and analysis models,deploy them to BigQuery with the click of a button. Use Cloud Datalab to gain insight from your data. Interactively explore,transform, analyze, and visualize your data Classification: TrustedAmazon QuicksightSlide 54 You get very fast, easy to use business intelligence for yourbig data at low costRMIT Classification: TrustedTools for Data visualizationSlide 55 Google chart API: Jgraph: Chart JS: Angular Chart JS: Kibana: chart API

Slide 51RMIT Classification: TrustedGoogle MapSlide 57 Geocoding Google Fusion Table: Google MAP API: Classification: TrustedGoogle MAP APISlide 58

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