Running Head: ECONOMIC RESEARCH PAPER Economic Research Paper Name: Institution: Professor; Date: Running Head: ECONOMIC RESEARCH PAPER Economic

I need someone with a good knowledge of economics to work on the attached file titled Homework research. The work had been done poorly by another tutor so I need someone to add more information to it. I have edited the first two questions as the word limit should be 150 per question. The previous tutor did about 100 or less. I need someone who can add the words to make them 150. Just work on questions 3 to 9. Ensure you correct the economic concepts misused for example the tutor talked about technology as one of the demand shift variables which is not true. The variables are income, number of buyers, tastes, expectations of buyers and the prices of related goods. Attachment 1Attachment 2Running Head: ECONOMIC RESEARCH PAPER Economic Research Paper SCHOOL:DEPARTMENT:COURSE:UNIT NAME:COURSE CODE:PRESENTER:REG NO:DATE OF SUBMISSION: :Economic researchQuestion 1Difference

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