Signature Assignment: Financial Plan

Signature Assignment: Financial Plan

Assignment Content

  1. Prepare a financial plan for the organization that you select for your business plan.
    Describe the organization, including the type of business.

    Create the business case.
    • Determine why funding is needed for the company.
    • Determine the sources of funding. Consider self-funding, borrowing, loans, equity, venture capital, etc.
    • Evaluate the requirements of each of the funding sources that you plan to use.
    • Analyze the risks that are associated with each funding source.
    • Decide which sources are the best fit for your company based on the requirements of each. Justify your decision.
    • Estimate the cost of capital for both short-term and long-term funding sources. Research current estimated APRs for your selected sources of funding. Create a table or chart to display this information.
    • Estimate direct costs, including capital, marketing, labor, equipment, and inventory/supply costs.

      Prepare a budget that includes starting balances, monthly costs, loan/investment payments, cash flow projections, and required revenue.

      Create a profit-and-loss statement for a 3-year period. Provide a revenue forecast, stating realistic assumptions, such as growth per year, in your projections.

      Cite references to support your assignment.

      Format your citations according to APA guidelines.
    • ***** THE COMPANY IS WALMART******

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