Significant differences between england

Significant differences between england and america

The Constitution Foner, Chap. 7, Doc. 123-125, 126-128, 130-133. A July Fourth Oration (1800), Thomas Jefferson on Race and slavery (1781), J. Hector St. John de Crevecoeur, What Then, Is the American? (1782). How does Jefferson explain the impact of slavery on the morals and society of Virginia. How does the author of the July Fourth Oration view American independence. Explain how this is so. According to Crevecoeur, Americans are different from Europeans. Jefferson and future generations In Thomas Jefferson on Race and Slavery (1781) Jefferson explains how slavery in Virginia will only lead to bad things for the state. He mentions how the start up of slavery in the state will eventually affect future generations to come. The author of A July Fourth Oration is not very fond of American independence. He says that people promote the idea of all men are created equal, but then he points out how other countries were affected by the U.S., and how the citizens from those countries dont have the same rights as Americans. (R.D.) Question: The author (?) of July Fourth Oration is ecstatic that America has torn away form Britain. He wishes to celebrate. He believes more people in the World will receive their natural rights. In addition, he wishes there is equality among sons and daughters and hopes there is political reform. Question: Crevecoeur writes about the significant differences between England and America. He enjoys the freedom and equality that America has, and England lacks. He states, the rich and poor are not so far removed from each other as they are in Europe(Foner 132). He believes everyone is more closely knit and equal than people in England.

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