Siimon, Natushka and Devon have

BizOps Enterprises Business Plan (extract) 20152020 Business Plan summary Business Business name BizOps Business structure Company ABN: 55 555 555 555 ACN: 555 5555 5555 Business location Sydney, NSW, Australia Date established 1998 Business owner/s Siimon Greig Natushka Greig Devon Mersydale Relevant owner experience Siimon, Natushka and Devon have over 50 years combined experience in manufacturing and retailing. Since starting BizOps in 1998, they have successfully grown the business from a single shopfront to over 150 retail, online and phone order outlets nationally. Products/services BizOps retail outlets specialise in a range of exclusive products. The business provides its customers with high quality and innovative products and services. Wherever possible we provide our customers with a green solution and service. We employ sustainable business practices. Market Target market Aspire Training & Consulting Page 1 of 7 Document date: March2015 BizOps Enterprises Business Plan (extract) 20152020 BizOps customers include anyone seeking innovative, high quality exclusive products. Customers seeking a green solution to their needs are especially welcome. Marketing strategy BizOps employs a range of marketing tools including: magazine (electronic and print) presence an instore/online catalogue a corporate website with e-commerce function direct marketing to our existing customer base a loyalty reward program trade fair participation. Future BizOps is committed to: providing high quality and innovative products and services to customers meeting the changing needs of customers offering innovative product solutions delivering speedy and personalised service employing professional and enthusiastic staff providing clean and green products and services adopting sustainable work practices undertaking continuous improvement processes. BizOps is known for its enthusiastic and inclusive culture. BizOps seeks to maintain professional and well-supported staff. Goals/objectives In 20152020 BizOps will consolidate its position in the market as a lead retailer for green and sustainable solutions for high quality exclusive products. To do this, BizOps will focus on the following business goals: Financial stability: Increase revenue by 15% (compared to the previous 12 months) by the end of the financial year Maintain annual profit levels of 15% of revenue for all products and services, calculated at the end of each financial year Reinvest 75% of profit back into the business at the end of each financial year Aspire Training & Consulting Page 2 of 7 Document date: March2015 BizOps Enterprises Business Plan (extract) 20152020 Market position: Maintain the number one rating in the annual national industry customer service awards Launch new high quality exclusive consumer products to meet customer demand, ahead of competitors, within budget and by the agreed deadlines Right people: Provide induction training at the commencement of employment to train new employees to be knowledgeable, helpful and enthusiastic Provide the financial, physical, human and time resources to support an annual professional development program for all BizOps employees Finances 201516 201617 201718 201819 201920 Income 150,000,000 172,500,000 198,375,000 228,131,250 262,350,937 Expenditure 127,500,000 146,725,000 168,618,750 193,875,000 222,998,297 Profit 22,500,000 25,775,000 29,756,250 34,256,250 39,352,640 Reinvest 16,875,000 19,331,250 22,317,188 25,692,188 29,514,480 Organisation chart See BizOps intranet for the latest organisational chart. Key personnel Job title Name Skills Chief executive officer Rose Hargreaves 15 years financial experience in the retail industry Qualified engineer Postgrad. in business law MBA Aspire Training & Consulting Page 3 of 7 Document date: March2015 BizOps Enterprises Business Plan (extract) 20152020 Job title Name Skills Managing director: Financial operations Mike Booth 20 years accountancy experience Qualified CPA Member of the National Institute of Accountants Managing director: Business operations Sean Bamford 15 years experience in a range of retail and logistics businesses Bachelor of Science Postgrad. in supply chain logistics Postgrad. in business law Managing director: Retail operations Nancy Tooket 15 years experience in the retail industry Bachelor of Design (Industrial design) Advanced diploma of business management Managing director: Human resources Sayo Yoshida 10 years experience in recruitment and general HR Bachelor of Arts Graduate diploma of psychology Member of the Australian Human Resources Institute Products/services Market position BizOps offer quality, high-end, innovative and exclusive consumer products. We provide a quality service to our customers, focusing on green solutions. We participate actively in trade fairs to ensure we have the latest high-end consumer products available for our customers. Aspire Training & Consulting Page 4 of 7 Document date: March2015 BizOps Enterprises Business Plan (extract) 20152020 Unique selling position Our distribution of retail outlets across Australia allows us to provide the personal level of service customers expect with exclusive products, but we also provide service through online and phone stores in each state. Our customer service is knowledgeable and friendly. We reward our customers for their loyalty. Anticipated demand A large number of customers purchase our lower priced items, valued at $500750. We sell approximately 16,000 items in this price range every month across our 150 stores. Our large corporate clients purchase on average twice a year, spending approximately $10,000 15,000 per purchase. Our VIP individual customers (approximately 1,000 nationally) purchase on average one larger/high-end item per year and between 5 and 10 lower priced items. Their spend averages to approximately $10,000 per annum. Pricing strategy BizOps applies standard industry mark-ups for lower priced items. Our high-end items are often unique in the market and are priced accordingly, based on our purchase price and understanding of the market. Value to customer BizOps individual customers view us as a destination for quality goods with a green bias. Our corporate clients trust us to provide high quality products and services that will perform above expectation and impress their clients. Our VIP customers are discerning and rely on us to keep them up to date with the latest in exclusive consumer products. Growth potential BizOps is aiming for 15 per cent growth in revenue per annum. This growth will come in part from technology improvements and innovation resulting in better products with a lower impact on the environment. As this happens, our environmentally conscious customers will want to upgrade their products. Growth will also occur naturally as the population in Australia continues to increase and accumulate more wealth. The home is one area that Australians take great pride in furnishing and exclusive products are increasingly sought after. Insurance BizOps holds current workers compensation and public liability, product liability, business asset and business revenue insurance. The company accountant holds all details. Risk management See BizOps intranet for the current risk-management procedure. Aspire Training & Consulting Page 5 of 7 Document date: March2015 BizOps Enterprises Business Plan (extract) 20152020 Legal considerations The following list is current at time of publication and is not exhaustive. Key provisions of relevant legislation from all forms of government, standards and codes such include those related to: anti-discrimination legislation AS 5037:2005 Knowledge management – a guide AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009 Risk management Australian Accounting and Auditing Standards Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) requirements Australian Taxation Office regulations certified and workplace agreements codes of practice company law contract law copyright corporations law duty of care employee contracts enterprise agreements environmental issues environmental or sustainability legislation, regulations and codes of practice applicable to industry and organisation ethical principles federal and state/territory awards/use of Wageline financial legislation freedom of information legislation fringe benefits tax (FBT) Higher Education Contribution Scheme (HECS)/Higher Education Loan Programme (HELP) Pay as you go (PAYG) tax payroll tax privacy laws and confidentiality Superannuation Guarantee (Administration) Act and superannuation regulations unlawful dismissal rules and due process work, health and safety legislation, regulations and codes of practice. Aspire Training & Consulting Page 6 of 7 Document date: March2015 BizOps Enterprises Business Plan (extract) 20152020 Operations See BizOps intranet for the current organisation operational plan. Sustainability environmental policy and procedures See BizOps intranet for the current sustainability environmental policy and procedures. Aspire Training & Consulting Page 7 of 7 Document date: March2015

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