Slides should be arranged

Slides should be arranged in a systematic manner and relevance

Two Nuclear Reactors types depending on types of Fuels Coolants Moderators Product produced or generated Compare or contrast any two types covering the chemical reaction that takes place, mechanism & how it works, end products and its uses, as well as benefits and which of the two types is better overall. Slides should be arranged in a systematic manner and relevance of concept of chemistry should be emphasized and discussed in details Number of slides should be restricted to 20-25 When discussing different process or products the conclusion should deal with comparison of the same in terms of topics mentioned above Presentation should contain Scientific and systematic representation of Data with reference sources Delivery should be clear and pin pointed discussion of concepts Report: word document presented in form of scientific method starting from Introduction to Conclusion with proper reference where ever required for the figures and data presented for the topics. References should be in number format (1), and reference page should have the sources in APA format to match the numbers Submit: Report: Good Sequence / Follows Logic Contains Introduction Contains Conclusion Contains Data, Facts and Diagrams/Graphs REFERENCES Power Point Presentation: (~20 mins long) 20-25 Slides Each slide should have notes at the bottom of what needs to be said Emphasis on diagrams and models Sources for each diagram/graph/data at the bottom of each slide

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