SMB4103-Introduction to Programming

SMB4103-Introduction to Programming

SMB4103-Introduction to Programming Page 1 of 1 SMB4103-Introduction to Programming Semester 2, 2018 Log/Workbook Assessment Log/Workbook No. : Log/Workbook-4 Due date: Week 10 Group/individual: Individual Assignment Weighting: 10% Student ID: ____________________, Student Name: ________________________________ Question one (10 marks) A general medical centre wants to develop a simple Java application to convert client temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit. The manager asked you to write a GUI application for Celsius to Fahrenheit temperatures conversion. The user should be able to enter a Celsius temperature, click a button, and then see the equivalent Fahrenheit temperature. Use the following formula to make the conversion: F = (9/5) C + 32 . (1) Where F is the Fahrenheit temperature and C is the Celsius temperature. Task Specifications You are required to write a Java GUI application using Netbeans IDE. Your task is to design and code a Java program that will achieve the following: Design the required layout using layout manger. Select the proper GUI components with the required action. Display a window that allow the user to enter Celsius temperatures. Convert the Celsius temperature to Fahrenheit temperature using equation (1). When the user clicks on the Convert button, a message to be shown with the Fahrenheit temperature. The program terminates when the user select exit. Program should be properly commented and indented. Please note: You have to write the required java code without using NetBeans GUI Builder.

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