Special consideration would be given

Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Management PDB10500 International Marketing Strategy Assignment 2 INSTRUCTIONS: 1. This assignment carries 50% of the total marks for the module. 2. The assessment criteria are: (a) Substance (b) Originality of work (c) Use of illustrations / examples, where appropriate 3. Independent research on the relevant topics is encouraged. 4. Special consideration would be given to students who demonstrate an in-depth analysis of the questions. 5. Any similarities between individual assignments may result in a failing grade. 6. Each assignment should not be more than 2000 words. 7. Pages should be clearly numbered. 8. The format of the assignment should be as follows: (a) Front cover (i.e. title page), stating the: Module name and class code Students full name and I/C number Name of lecturer Submission date (b) Contents page (c) Main body of the assignment (d) References Example: Philip Kotler. Marketing Management Analysis Planning, Implementation, and Control (9th edition). Prentice Hall International, 1997 9. Retain a photocopy (or soft copy) of your course assignment. 10. Submission Week; Week 8 11. Late Submission If the assignment is submitted after the submission date, but within ten working days of that date or the end of the term, whichever is sooner, the assignment will be marked. However, if you obtain a pass in the assignment, you would only be given 40% for the assignment and no more than that. Assignment that is submitted more than ten working days after the submission date but before the end of the term will be marked, but no marks will be awarded. Any assignment submitted after the end of the term would not be marked. Absenteeism at intermediate or final presentations will result in zero mark for that presentation. Assignment Two: Individual Instructions: Requirements: Strategic gap is the difference between the intent and reality of the plan. You are to select an organisation of your choice and identify the strategic gap of the choosen organization and conduct a strategic analysis. Your analysis should contain the followings: Operational policies criterion: Strategic Intent Strategic reality Strategic gaps Opertational criteria: Products & Services Pricing & Value Communications: Selling Advertising Promotion Distribution: Channels Services Strategic Positioning Customer satisfaction Product life cycle Competitive differentiation

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