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Write 46 pages in which you address a complex ethical dilemma, applying various ethical theories to the problem. Philosophical reasoning about human conduct aims first to discover a clear difference between right and wrong and then to apply this distinction to specific situations. You are called to consult in the Critical Care Unit of your local hospital. 53-year-old JoEllen was admitted after taking an overdose of prescription medications with alcohol. On admission, she said, Not supposed to be here . . . , but soon became uncommunicative, and her condition is deteriorating rapidly. Her son has arrived with a notarized advance directive in which JoEllen specifically asks not to be placed on life support. What should you recommend to the attending health professionals? Write a paper addressing this topic, supporting your position with credible research. You may begin your research with suggested Resources, but you are also expected to conduct your own independent research into the scholarly and professional resources of the field. The Capella library is recommended as a source for reliable materials. In explaining your position, address each of the following questions: What features of the situation are relevant for making a moral decision? What would a deontologist like Immanuel Kant recommend? What would a consequentialist like John Stuart Mill recommend? How do you justify your own decision about what to do?

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