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Management and Organisational Change Coursework Tri1 2018 2019 HRM 11417 1 Guidance for coursework submission Please set out your coursework with header / footer as shown here. Please use: Left hand justification, it makes reading your response easier. Ariel font size 11 or 12. 1.5 Line spacing. Spelling and grammar check prior to submitting ~ if necessary please ask a trusted friend to peer [[edit] review. APA 6th Edition referencing system throughout [see Moodle guidance]. Edinburgh Napier University front cover sheet, fully completed. Your name should not appear anywhere on your submission. Use one file for your submission. That file should contain separate responses for part A and part B of the coursework. Within the introduction to part A: o Do not repeat the question. o Aim to use 15% of words allocated. o Explain how you propose to answer the question set, o Provide an initial definition of the concept to be discussed, o Explain that whilst numerous examples of a theory may have been written or are observable, the response will merely refer to 2 or 3. Within the main body of part A: o Provide a logical response o Use paragraphs to break up your response into connected prose. o Each paragraph will be in the region of 5 or 6 sentences. o Use language that will assist to offer a critical assessment. o Provide relevant example(s), from the case study or an organisation. o Respond to the considerations [as relevant to Part A] provided for the coursework. o Provide names of relevant theorists [properly cited]. o Stick to the question topic. If you feel it is necessary to go off-topic provide a justification, otherwise you may be penalized for digressing into irrelevant areas. Management and Organisational Change Coursework Tri1 2018 2019 HRM 11417 2 Within the conclusion of Part A: o Aim to use 15% of words allocated. o Provide a summary of the key points made from the main body. Do not copy and paste those key points ~ summarise. o Provide an answer for the question asked. Offer an opinion which is reflective on what you have written. o If necessary, provide recommendations. Within the bibliography for Part A o Follow APA 6th Edition referencing system throughout [see guidance on Moodle]. o Provide separate lists for: Books Journals Web-sites. Provide a reference list for any direct quotes you have used. REPEAT FOR PART B Management and Organisational Change Coursework Tri1 2018 2019 HRM 11417 3 General guidance Submit Part A and Part B as ONE file The filename must contain: matriculation number [e.g.: 40123456] followed by the module short name [MOC]. Submit the entire one file response to Turnitin for submission ~ aim for a similarity index of 25% or lower. Remember the more references used the higher that score may be. Avoid the use of direct quotes try to paraphrase the words provided by the author. However, if direct quotes are necessary; ensure proper citation is provided with the quote, in italics and on a separate line. The reference for a quote will appear on a reference list. You can check your similarity index by using the draft submission link. Re-work your response if you consider the similarity index remains high. A bibliography providing full citation list which complies with APA 6th Edition. Use short sentences when structuring your response, this helps to make a point and keeps you on topic. Language appropriate to Post Graduate level study and the content of the Module. Do not use 1st nor 2nd person, please stick to 3rd person, it is more professional. Stick to the word count. A tolerance of +/-10% is permitted. Submit your final version by the deadline date and time. If you decide to use charts, diagrams or tables; always provide a title and appropriate reference. The content of any chart, diagram or table should be referred to immediately prior or after its placement. Essential In Part A, of this assignment, you are required you to APPLY at least 2 theories of motivation to scenarios from a contemporary business setting. Failure to APPLY may result in a lower grade for your Part A submission. In Part B, the focus is on the hard systems approaches. You may briefly assess soft systems to compare and contrast. The focus should be devoted to hard systems approaches. Good luck Ron Broatch

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