structure of the discipline

structure of the discipline of anthropology

1: Drawing on the module readings, discuss the history, purpose, and structure of the discipline of anthropology. Include an evaluation of one of anthropologys subfields and explain how it contributes to other disciplines within and outside of cultural anthropology. Conclude with an analysis of how the academic and applied goals of anthropology differ and give an example of how these goals promote intercultural tolerance and understanding. Option 2: Drawing on the module readings, define culture and the anthropological perspective. Why is this perspective relevant to the study of culture? Discuss the general characteristics/traits of culture and the mechanisms that cause cultures and their characteristics to change. Use specific examples to illustrate your points. What are some of the theories (past or present) as to how culture began? Note: You will need to use the resources in the text and in the module to answer these questions. Do not provide answers based entirely on your own interpretations.

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