Students are required to select an

Assessment 2: Individual Research Report and Presentation This assessment is to be submitted in two sections (Combined value: 30%): Section 1: Research report = 20% Students are required to select an organisation then prepare and present a persuasive report to management explaining why the organisation would benefit from increasing its investment in soft skills training. It is necessary to analyse key internal and external factors impacting on the organisation and identify any training gaps. Students should explain how this particular type of training could add value to an organisation and be explicit as to who will be trained and how. The logistics of training also need to be explained. The report should be logical and sequential and should clearly link an increased investment in this specific type of training with sustainable competitive advantage. The report should demonstrate that the student has read widely and be fully referenced. Research report length: 2000 words Due date: 12th October Assessment coversheet: will be provided by your tutor Value: 20% Section 2: Oral presentation = 10%, 10 minutes duration The oral presentation will: outline the major findings of your report clearly demonstrate the value of the preferred training for the organisation Presentation length: 10 minutes Due date: week commencing 17th October in class time (Schedule will depend on class numbers and dates will be confirmed by your teacher). You must be present during class time to deliver your presentation. Value: 10% Learning Outcomes Assessed: Learning Outcomes 1, 6 and 7 assessed. Marking Criteria: Part one: Research Report Learning Objectives Poor Needs Improvement Acceptable Well done Excellent Depth and breadth of research undertaken. evidence that you have not only read the recommended reading but you have also done some of your own research; and evidence of the use of academic and where relevant industry/government sources. Max 4 points Minimal if any evidence of research undertaken of any form (0 points) Minimal evidence of research undertaken beyond the text book (1 point) An effort to demonstrate that research was undertaken utilising textbookand some recommended readings (2 points) Considerable effort to demonstrate that wider reading was undertaken from relevant sources beyond the textbook. (3 points) Excellent research incorporating relevant material from academic, and where relevant industry and government sources. (4 points) Use of wider examples taken from your extended reading to support your argument for soft skills training. Max 4 points No examples evident from wider reading (0 points) Minimal examples included mostly from textbook (1 points) Examples included from textbook and some of the recommended readings (2 points) A good effort made to utilise relevant examples from recommended and wider sources (3 points) Excellent use of examples taken from a wide sources of relevant materials used to illustrate arguments and positions of discussion (4 points) Demonstrated understanding of the current situation for the chosen company and appropriate selection of soft skills training. Max 5 points Limited understanding of key aspects. Confused, and off track or irrelevant writing. Presentation of personal opinion unsubstantiated (1 point) Textbook coverage of the key concepts with minimal subsequent discussion or analysis. Mostly descriptive. (2 point) Some attempt to discuss and argue recommendations but heavily reliant on descriptive perspective.An attempt to substantiate positions. (3 points) A good effort to discuss situation and make recommendations with minimal reliance on descriptive perspective. Mostly positions well substantiated. (4 points) An excellent discussion of situation well substantiated recommendations. No evidence of personal opinion unsubstantiated. Soft skill well chosen to current situation in organisation. (5 points) Presentation style, grammar, referencing style, format, etc. Max 2 points Poor presentation, many mistakes, layout, grammar, poor sentence structure, paragraph structure, and limited if any in-text referencing and poor reference list or not included (0 points) A few mistakes lay- out and structure ok, but sentence and paragraph structures require editing.An effort with in-text referencing, but needs attention and reference list included but requires editing (0.5 points) A fair attempt to reduce mistakes, layout and structure ok with minor mistakes with grammar and sentence/para. structure.A considered effort to apply in-text referencing and a complete reference list included. (1 point) Minimal mistakes, structure on the whole very good, grammar etc mostly good and referencing overall well done with only minor mistakes. (1.5 points) Overall an excellent effort with very few mistakes.An easy to read, well structured and presented document. (2 points) Part two: Oral Presentation Learning Objectives Poor Needs Improvement Acceptable Well done Excellent Evaluate and organise information and ideas in a logical and coherent way. (Application of relevant theory) Max. 5 points Poor introduction, no background, objectives or conclusions Presentation has no real structure Information provided does not relate to the topic Discussion is disjointed and fragmented (1 points) Introduction provides little information Presentation is poorly structured Some information provided relates to the topic, but is incomplete Discussion lacks flow and is somewhat disjointed and fragmented (2 points) Introduction provides some information Presentation is adequately structured Information provided relates to the topic, but is cursory Discussion has a logical flow, but is occasionally disjointed or fragmented (3 point) A good introduction, with background, objectives and conclusions Presentation is well structured Information covers the breadth of the task, and shows some depth Discussion flows well in a logical manner. (4 points) Excellent introduction, clear background, objectives or conclusions Presentation is well structured: structure aids flow and understanding Information creatively covers the topic and has some depth Discussion has a logical flow and a coherent and clear line of argument. (5 points) Presentation skills Max 5 points Significantly under or over time limit. Little to no eye contact or audience engagement. Monotone voice and lack of preparation. Reading off notes/screen. (1 point) Close to time limit, occasional eye contact but little attempt to engage audience. Further preparation and practice needed before presenting. (2 points) Within time limit range, an attempt to make eye contact but could be improved. Evidence of preparation but still reliant on notes/reading off screen. (3 points) Within time limit range. Good eye contact and tone of voice. Some attempt to engage audience. Still some reliance on notes but overall well presented. (4 points) Right on time limit. Excellent eye contact and tone of voice. Engaged audience and clear evidence of preparation. Little to no reading from notes or screen required. (5 points)

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