Students are required to write a reflective

Course Bachelor of community services Subject- community development Individual Reflective Essay 800-1000 words Reference style APA Students are required to write a reflective essay on their program and/or project, including their experience of collaborative work, any challenges they encountered, and application of theory. Students should make use of at least 7 peer reviewed articles. It is essay please note that. Following is the criteria of my presentation so that you can know what the presentation was and it can be easy for you to write reflection essay. Students will be required to work within a group of 3-4 to choose their target group and design a survey regarding an issue impacting on their health and wellbeing outcomes. After gathering the information, the group must design a program or project that makes use of the capacity building model of Community Development. Following is the short story which I am writing so that you can write reflection essay after reading that. It is reflective essay which is based on a survey which we have to design. From week 6 to 9 we had to design a survey and our presentation is in week 10. It was really easy for us to choose the topic of survey but after that designing a survey was hard as we were not coming up with the ideas what information to include and what not. After that we came up with few questions for our survey and survey monkey was create by me and I sent them off to friends and colleagues who is an international student in Australia to fill out the survey. I got a positive response for the survey. After that we decided that what should be done in order to help those international students facing mental health issues so we came up with the idea of giving motivational speech in colleges and doing 1:1 counselling for students who are stressed or depressed. Also setting up awareness campaign in colleges about mental health issues and warning them that mental illness is not something which they should be ashamed off they should come to the campaigns to get help. During this period as it was a group presentation everyone was not contributing enough from their side so I decided to step up and do something more so that to help everyone out we divided work in equal parts and everyone had to research their own part and make a PowerPoint slides to present in class (you can expand this part if you like). But still one person in my group never turned up to the class on time and didnt finish his work but no one in the group was ready to say anything to him except me. He got warning from teacher twice as well for not turning up to the classes but same thing was repeated again and again by him. He gave all the group members really a hard time but rest of us tried to manage everything and we finished off making the presentation. Overall, we were satisfied with the presentation and everyone worked hard in group except for the guy but at the end we managed to get presentation on right track.

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