Students will develop an

Students will develop an individual report

You are required to produce an individual report exploring the impact of leadership styles and skills on teams and organisational objectives in an organisation of your choice; this may be the organisation that you work for or another organisation that you know well or have studied. You should also consider an ethical and value-based approach to the organisations leadership. The report should address the following tasks: 1. Discuss and justify the different leadership styles required in different situations faced by the organisation in achieving organisational objectives 2. Critically assess of the prevailing leadership styles in the organisation on teams performance and organisational objectives. You should specifically discuss how the organisations leaders can establish a culture of professionalism, mutual trust, respect and support within their teams; and support and develop their teams understanding of the organisations direction. 3. Discuss the organisations ethical and value-based approach to leadership. Through this analysis, examine the impact of culture and values; legal, regulatory and ethical requirements; and stakeholder needs and expectations on leadership in the organisation. Make sure that you provide a wide range of evidence to support your judgement; this could include a combination of objective/practical evidence as well as relevant theoretical models and frameworks covered in this module and wider.

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