Target is exporting from Spain

TFC Fashion From Spain, becoming an iconic Cantabric / Spanish / Global Fashion Brand (from Local to Global) .- SOME General REMARKS.- 1 ) We have own cash Flow for a 20% of the sales Budget, rest must be worked out between sales / finances / buying flows. 2) Target is exporting from Spain to two countries in Europe, , and to at least one country out of the EU. 3 ) Some products must be produced anywhere in Europe, partially or totally and some products you have to import from Asia.. 4 ) Product wise, we dont want to become competitor of Inditex, New Yorker , Primark etc, and consider Competitor of Brand companies like ( El Ganso, Scalpers Purificacion Garcia, Bimba y Lola etc). 1o.- Design the global Sales strategy of the company , analysing Country RISK ( at this time of the year) of your two main target countries in Europe and as well as one out of Europe as per below: Taxes , barriers, to export, pros and cons per country. Logistics to arrange in every case in terms of what you need to have as minimum to guarantee service and payments. Way of introduction your products you choose in every country and why. Risks per country that you consider as main topics. 2o.- Design the Supply Strategy of the company, advising concrete points as per below: Taxes and barriers to import your products (define country of origin). FTA agreements that you consider on this strategy. Lead times and possible cost / service options to guarantee your Flow of products. 3 o.- Financing; what would be in the first year the situation for the company in terms of Finance and methods of payment to be used by you to give consistence to the company and maximise the PNL?. Please advise how to use per country sales payment strategy and how to use per country buying payment strategy. 4o.- Define your Economical Target in units and in Turnover / usd per country, ,as a consequence of the above points. 5o.- How you can give a personalised Advantage to your proposed business Model.? where and how you think negotiation per country and culture is an advantage?. Point out the VALUE you give and how to the Ethical business on this topic.

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