Task: Using only relevant lectures and relevant course readings (except for information about the relevant ward as explained below) you will analyze the political options of one voter, Citizen X, in the last election. Using hypothetical information provided below about the voter and her family, you will draw inferences about what her political preferences might have been, and for whom she might have voted. Based on your analysis, you will develop an argument about how and why Citizen X would have voted. Your thesis statement should answer the question: Who should Citizen X have voted for, and why? Your essay must also incorporate answers to the following questions (NOT as a list). NOTE: To answer these questions you must research the demography and political profile of this ward as a whole (not just Citizen X). All sources you use MUST be cited both in-text and in your bibliography. What Ward does Citizen X live in? Who were the candidates running in her ward in the city council election in October 2018? What do we know about Citizen X that might be relevant to her political preferences? Who was her councillor before this election and why did she support or oppose them? Which candidate did Citizen Xs family support in this election, and why? Why did/did not the candidate she supported win? (Why did other people in her ward vote the same way, or vote differently from her?). Drawing directly from Pippa Norris description of how electoral systems work, how would the election outcome, in this ward, have been different under a multi-member district proportional representation system? What if Toronto had used a ranked ballot system like London, Ontario did in this election? Who might the second choice have been for Citizen X? Other members of her ward? For this family, what type of electoral system would be best for having their interests represented at City hall? Background Information on Citizen X Citizen X lives in the Jane Yewtree apartments at 2999 Jane Street in Toronto, with her husband and three children. She immigrated to Canada in 2005 from Jamaica. She works as a nurses aide at Toronto Western Hospital. Her husband runs his own upholstery business in Mississauga, and he has two employees. Her eldest son lives at home and is currently unemployed. Her daughter graduated last year from high school at Westview Centennial Secondary School, and she has a part-time job at a nail salon. She also volunteers at Black Creek Community Farm. Her youngest son is in Grade 10 at CW Jefferys Collegiate Institute. Her ******** also lives with them, and she does not work b

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