Tertiary students are expected to demonstrate

ASSESSMENT 2 Proposal and Report MGT502 BUSINESS COMMUNICATION 3000 words Context: Tertiary students are expected to demonstrate research skills and the ability to critically analysis the value of research sources in a business style report. This assessment is delivered in two parts, a proposal and then a business report. In the first part of the assessment you must write a 1000 -words report that proposes what you will write about in your second assessment. The topic is of your choosing and will have been designed in your response to the first assessment. In the second part of the assessment you must write the report in no more than 2000 words Instruction: Use the following structure for designing your proposal: Introduction state the purpose of your proposal and list any assumption or limitations under which your proposal is to be read Background use the research you conducted in assessment 1 to clarify the topic further and state how you will apply the evidence you gathered Context provide a context of the organization that you will use in your report to demonstrate relevance or to implement your chosen strategy Proposal provide a high level outline that shows what you are intending to include in your report The proposal document serves tom provide you with a blueprint of the content for the report you will write. Following the structure from module 2, write the report. It is expected that you will demonstrate: A comprehensive understanding of the topic you have chosen Evidence of research and application of reliable and relevant evidence Critical analysis and the ability to develop coherent arguments Effective communication in the form of professional writing skills, presented in a report format, and Effective referencing skills.

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