testing and/or psychometric testing.

testing and/or psychometric testing.

This reflective paper will require you to demonstrate evidence of research and provide in-text referencing and a reference list. Structure your paper in a logical way as follows: Introduction Bolded sub-headings for each section Recruitment processes used in (your discipline area) including skills testing and/or psychometric testing. Refer to your informational interview and reputable online recruitment sites Critique of your MBTI type. Provide the four letter type you gained from the online test. Summarise the results and discuss those things you agree with and do not agree with Appraisal of the value of Post graduate study and international experience in your discipline area. Explain if and how each might assist your career development Analysis of why ethics are important for professionals in your discipline area. Briefly discuss any scandals in your discipline and the reputational consequences for both you and the organisation of not behavingethically Conclusion Appendix Action plan for professional development (Prepared according to the template provided) Note: Your action plan and the reference list are not included in the word limit.

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