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Referencing Styles : AGLC Loosemore et al 2006 (p6) suggested that it is now more important than ever to think about sharing design information during the planning, construction and operational phases of a facilitys life. However, Haimes 2009 (p643) suggests that Project Life Cycle is often neglected when considering the management of risks. PART A Based on your studies, the readings in this Unit and your research of the literature, prepare a paper (1000 words approx) to describe what is meant by Project Life Cycle and discuss its implications on the effective management of risk. PART B You are involved in the design project for a new hybrid passenger vehicle. Consider what risks are likely to be present across the life cycle of the vehicle and develop a plan which describes: How you envisage those risks would be managed/controlled, and The possible implications of those risk controls for the design team

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