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EDU 3410: Annotated Bibliography Due: Sunday, Week 5 Points possible: 100 Purpose: This annotated bibliography is for the research essay. The annotated bibliography is due this week. The research paper is due in week 7. Before completing the annotated bibliography, read the instructions for the research essay. Next, choose one of the topics to write your research essay about. Then look for 15 articles about the topic you chose to put in your annotated bibliography. Explanation: The annotated bibliography can be viewed as a tool, part of the research process rather than just a product. As such, it becomes a document that illustrates your path through the research and the thought process that goes into your selection of sources rather than only those sources you ultimately use in your essay. Although you will have 15 sources in your annotated bibliography, only 8-10 sources are required for the research essay. So you may not use all of the 15 in your essay, or you could use all 15 in your essay. The annotated bibliography shows that you have investigated a range of sources so that you can become as familiar as possible with the topic, without obligating you to use all the source material youve uncovered. In this way, the annotated bibliography becomes more relevant to the research process and can lead to a richer research experience. What is an annotated bibliography and what does it look like? The annotated bibliography looks much like a References page. It is an alphabetical list of sources organized using APA style guidelines. Each entry in this annotated bibliography will also include two additional paragraphs, a paragraph following the citation that describes and summarizes the source and a second paragraph that evaluates the usefulness of the source related to the goals of the research. The second paragraph analyzes how the material may be used to support the research essay. The information included should be complete, concise, and correct. Requirements Begin your search in the library databases. The best sources are from the library databases. YOU CAN USE SOURCES OTHER THAN THOSE IN THE LIBRARY DATABASES. HOWEVER, do not use blogs, e-mail, tweets, personal websites, wikis or various search engine about sources such as Wikipedia,,,,,,,,,, etc. The reason these sources are not valid is that wikis and abouts are open source encyclopedias meaning that anyone can post to them. Thus, you cannot with any degree of accuracy be certain that the information you are citing is correct or that the person who posted it had a clue as to what they were saying. They are unreliable as sources. An Internet (www) source is acceptable, as long as it meets criteria for credibility and is not a .com or a .net site. Include 15 articles and/or books about your topic. You can add to, or replace, these sources with other ones when you write your research paper, as long as the total you have in your research paper is 15. Use APA style to document your sources. Following the citation information for each entry, write two annotation paragraphs of approximately 150 words or more in total: Descriptive paragraph (100 or more words) Summary of the source content: the sources thesis, key points, and the most significant detail or evidence supporting those points. If someone asks what this article is about, what will you say? What is the purpose of the article? What topics are covered? Who is the intended audience of this source, who do you think it was written for? Evaluative paragraph (50 or more words) Usefulness of the content to the selected research topic; be specific Credibility of the author: academic/research background Limitations, shortcomings, or bias in the work that should be considered Additional requirements Use academic language (do not use slang or informal language). Write in complete sentences. Write in paragraph form. Use spell check. To avoid errors, have your papers reviewed at the Writing Center, and Consulting/Tutoring Services. You can access these resources by going to the Modules Section and then clicking on Academic and Student Resources Information. For help formatting your papers and sources according to APA guidelines, review the information in APA Help. APA Help provides access to APA referencing, proper citation techniques, and tutorials on the subject. You can access this resource by going to the Modules Section and then clicking on APA Help. Also, here are some websites with information about how to write and format sources according to APA guidelines: How to write an annotated bibliography: Consult the following resources for information about what to include in your annotated bibliography, as well as how to write and format it.

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