The assessment task requires you to search

Assessment 1 Digital Resources Analysis MGT502 BUSINESS COMMUNICATION 1500 WORDS Context: The assessment task requires you to search and locate ten (10) sources in total that will be useful for completing your proposal and report for Assessment 2a and 2b. All resources must be from reliable academic sources, such as articles or academic journals. These resources must relate to your topic, which is an implementing a digital communication strategy within an organisation. Therefore, it is important that you have thought about what type of strategy you wish to focus on before you start your research. Some examples you might consider include: Using social Media in the workplace to communicate Communicating companywide employee recognition Boosting workplace motivation through innovative communication tools Implementing instant messaging/group messaging, discussion forums and chatrooms in the workplace Podcasts, internal blogs/ vlogs as a means to communicate to employees Using an internal intranet/social intranet for employee interaction Instructions: To do this assessment efficiently and effectively, you should use the university library to locate database and then, through them, locate several high -quality academic articles. You will read the article before deciding if it is relevant to you. If it is, you should add it to your shortlist. For each article in your shortlists, you should critically analysis it and justify why it is on the shortlist. Structure the order of your articles so that you are able to tell a story through their presentation. Be sure to bookend your analysis with an introducing and conclusion.

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