The Better Communication Beliefs

New Assignment: Learning portfolio Due date: 10 October Part A: Develop a 1000 word critical reflection on the reading Jim Knight (2016): The Better Communication Beliefs (UTS online week 2) In your reflection, discuss the implications of what you are learning for effective group work. Provide examples of how you are personally using these insights to develop your ability to contribute to a team. Part B: Engage with the learning materials in UTS online week 4 to 6 (read, listen, watch). Develop a 1000 word critical reflection of how the insights found in the materials can help you in your current and/or future professional practice. Make sure you apply the theory to practical examples. Part C: Do research on effective corporate training (i.e. what does it look like? what are elements of good training vs. bad training? How should the facilitators communicate and interact with their ******ience? What communication strategies can they use?). Based on your research, write a 500-word Executive summary on the key elements of effective training design. You may draw further guidelines on writing critical reflections from the Learning Log and critical reflection materials in UTS online. As outlined, the assessment will be marked on a pass/fail basis, that is the maximum points you can achieve is 50. Also, a late submission will not be assessed. Please confirm in a timely manner that you have understood the outlined conditions and are commencing your respective tasks.

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